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Ice Box Flat Farms: A Craft Cannabis Farm’s Journey To Compliance

...a crudely drawn map leading us down dirt roads and ending at “a big flat with an ol’ ice box in the middle of it” Ice Box Flat Farms (IBFF) is located in Panther Gap, in the Honeydew area of southern Humboldt County. Southern Humboldt has long been regarded as ground zero for the “back to the lander”, original home...

Meet The Breeders: Tony Leyva, Boneyard Seeds Spotlight


This spotlight focuses on Tony Leyva of Boneyard Seeds where he discusses his background and how sick family members were his main motivation for getting into the genetics side of cannabis. His mission to seek ailment-specific cannabis genetics and to map that correlation is inspiring. He focuses on the production of medical grade cannabis and the sharing of accurate, relevant...

Wonderland Nursery Skunk Project: Why Your Cannabis Doesn’t Smell Like the Terpene Report Says It Should


A companion piece to the first Wonderland Nursery's Skunk Project video, Kevin Jodrey dives deeper into some detail around the terpene profiles and comparisons between similar terpene profiles that produce wildly different smell and tastes. Discussing the terpene profile similarities of OG Kush and The HOG which seem similar according to terpene reports but produce very different fragrant traits. Kevin also...

Wonderland Nursery’s Skunk Project: Forgotten Strains and Time Travel


Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland Nursery discusses his Skunk project where he is looking to bring back some of the loud, burnt rubber-y scented cannabis of the old days that got lost when Law Enforcement crackdowns increased and heavily fragrant cannabis got you pinched. Now that it's going legal and outside production is allowed, Kevin wants to bring back the...

3rd Annual Terpestival: Marries Terpene Science and Commercial Impact

3rd Annual Terpestival panel

The 3rd Annual Terpestival held in Seattle, Washington July 15th, 2017 brought together the expertise and insights of leaders within the cannabis industry focusing on Terpenes, the flavor and fragrance components.  Terpenes are aromatic compounds common to many other plants we encounter daily, such as: lavender, rosemary, peppermint, pine and thyme. The event was held by The Center for...

Farmaceuticals International: Cannabis cultivation with Alpaca soil amendments

Farmaceuticals International: Premium Alpaca soil amendment

The problems involved with being compliant with the stricter testing requirements have been evident in almost all the newly legalized cannabis states. Not only are regulations becoming more strict with which chemical inputs you can safely use, those lists of approved inputs change almost arbitrarily. This has brought more attention back to a more natural way to look at cultivation inputs....

Wonderland Nursery spotlights Phylos Bioscience: DNA Testing Your Cannabis

Phylos Bioscience Genotype testing kit by Wonderland Nursery

 Kevin Jodrey and Wonderland Nursery gives us a walk through of how to use Phylos Genotype, Phylos Bioscience's genetic identity testing kit. Phylos Bioscience is an agricultural genomics company based in Portland, Oregon. They’re using modern molecular genetics and computational biology to help us understand the most important and least-studied plant in the world: Cannabis. They’re turning that science into tools...

The 2017 Ganjier Spring Kickoff is Cancelled

2017 Spring Kickoff Cancellation

The Ganjier has decided to cancel this year's Spring Kickoff event on March 4th, 2017. The reason being that the new cannabis laws in California make it hard to operate in a truly legal and transparent way, which is how we operate and have always operated.  We started The Spring Kickoff with the goal of placing seed breeders in direct contact with the...