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Jonathan Gilbert is a Clean Green certified indoor cultivator in Humboldt who is passionate about producing a sustainable, organic product. He is also a board member of California Cannabis Voice Humboldt and an active voice in the community.

Finding Mites a Cannabis Grower Can Love

Stratriolaelaps (hypoaspis) miles is a beneficial type of mite for a cannabis garden. Photo courtesy of Dirty Business Soil Analysis and Consluting (dirtybusinessdivas.com)

Yes, I have mites! And they are not something I want to get rid of this time. As I found myself amending my soil for reuse, I was contemplating the most useful approach to dealing with a fungus gnat infestation. It began with a lapse in oversight on my part. Stratriolaelaps (hypoaspis) mile photo courtesy of Dirty Business Soil Analysis and Consluting. My focus...