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Drying cannabis flowers Humboldt style

11 Steps to Perfect the Humboldt Hang Dry

Mendocino Taught Me How to Grow, Humboldt Taught Me How to Process There is tremendous reflexivity and knowledge exchange between the cannabis cultivation counties of...
outdoor sun-grown cannabis

My Method: Harvest Cannabis Early for a Better Overall Crop

We've arrived in the bountiful harvest season. Crops are ripening on the tree, bush, plant and vine. Here on the farm, the cannabis harvest...
Phylos Bioscience Genotype testing kit by Wonderland Nursery

Wonderland Nursery spotlights Phylos Bioscience: DNA Testing Your Cannabis

 Kevin Jodrey and Wonderland Nursery gives us a walk through of how to use Phylos Genotype, Phylos Bioscience's genetic identity testing kit. Phylos Bioscience is...
Port Royal Cover

Port Royal’s Ganjier Farms: for the Future of Cannabis as Sustainable Agriculture

Ganjier Farms is the name of Kevin Jodrey's cannabis farm in Humboldt County, California. As part of his brand, Port Royal, it is a...
A young man helps harvest rice by hand at a natural farm, in this production still from the film "Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness" Photo credit Wikipedia.

Biodynamics: Growing Beyond Organic

Biodynamics, created in 1924 in Europe, came to America by the mid 1930's. After chemical methods were introduced to cultivation methods, farmers began noticing...
Trinity Sacred Rootz, Justin M.

The Magic of Fermentation

As we look forward into the legal market of cannabis, small farmers have concerns if they will be able to compete in an open...

Tips to Make Your Terpenes Blowout

As harvest season winds down and growers gear up for The Emerald Cup, everyone is immersed in that middle ground, preparing their buds for...
Fleurish Farms DSS Sungrown Indoor solar tube technology and consulting

DSS Sungrown Indoor: Full Sun Cultivation. Full Indoor.

An argument can be made for any number of strategies when it comes to growing indoors, but one problem seems unavoidable, as with so...