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Trinity Sacred Rootz, Justin M.

The Magic of Fermentation

As we look forward into the legal market of cannabis, small farmers have concerns if they will be able to compete in an open...
Photo by Ganja D. d berry x ww cannabis starts.

How to Give Your Starts What They Need to Thrive — Clones and Seeds

I've had the privilege of visiting many cannabis farms in the Emerald Triangle. For the people who live here it’s easy to forget that...
The Triple Bottom Line of a Cannabis Farm in Mendocino, California.

The Triple-Bottom-Line Approach to Cannabis Farming

The HappyDay Farms business model is governed and driven by a paradigm that focuses on social change. We struggled to fit ourselves into the “for-profit”...
Supermoon from 2012

Build Healthy Soil with Lunar Cycles and Simple DIY Microbials

We recently experienced a Super Moon, setting high and bright, bringing us closer to our medical cannabis harvest. Indigenous cultures from around the world...
Blue Dream Cannabis Pound

The Return of the $4500 Pound

Questions of Price as Washington State Rolls Out Recreational Cannabis While many focus on the high per-gram retail prices for legal cannabis, and complain about...
outdoor marijuana growing and cultivating

Reclaiming our Sovereign Rights as Farmers and Community Members, Part 2

Miss Part 1? Read it here. The Real Problem With Divorcing People From Their Food Source The total removal of the people from the means of...
Circulation fans in use. Photo courtesy of Forever Flowering Greenhouses.

What Cooling Systems Work Best for Summer and Light Dep Greenhouses?

Sponsored article by Eric Brandstad of Forever Flowering Greenhouses, a Silver sponsor of the Ganjier Spring Kickoff! Evaporative greenhouse cooling systems are like swamp coolers...
On the farm

What’s the Small Farm Subsidy Program in America? Cannabis (Part 1)

Rebuilding the rural, agrarian infrastructure that made this country great is going to take work. In the old days, neighbors and communities depended on...