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How much water does cannabis use

How Much Water Does it Take to Grow Cannabis?

The water/plant figure is actually not a very good one to work with because there are too many variables in terms of plant size,...
Beautiful outdoor cannabis plant in bloom from the Emerald Triangle

Concentrated Frankenstein in the Food Supply and Medical System

To create a dependent populace, take away their means of self-support. Criminalize their traditional herbs and practices, make it illegal for them to sell...
Hang drying cannabis Humboldt style. Photo by Emily Hobelmann.

Cannabis Consciousness News #36 – Harvesting & Drying with Kevin Jodrey

After headlines, hear more of a Harvest and Curing Best Practices talk by Kevin Jodrey of Wonderland Nursery given on Aug 29th at Healing...
Cuauhtemoc Villa speaking at Golden Tarp 2014. Photo by Jose Quezada.

Video Tips to Rebuild Soil, Perfect Greenhouses and Build Cannabis Future

UPDATE 8/10/2015: The 2nd annual Golden Tarp Award is happening Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 at the Mateel in Humboldt! Tickets on sale now and...
Cannabis seeds

Cultivators: Preserve Emerald Triangle Genetics As We Move Forward

Cannabis is one of few plants to make the transition to the modern world with a broadening genetic pool. In a time when bio-diversity...
Cannabis OG in soil

Field Notes: A Light Dep Success with Lilquoi — Plus Probiotic Project Underway

My energy was flowing as the spring harvest found its way to the trim tables this week, and as some California greenhouse growing systems are reaping...
Supermoon from 2012

Build Healthy Soil with Lunar Cycles and Simple DIY Microbials

We recently experienced a Super Moon, setting high and bright, bringing us closer to our medical cannabis harvest. Indigenous cultures from around the world...
Seed exchange in Laytonville, California. Photo by Emily Hobelmann.

Cannabis Seed Library in Emerald Triangle Would Preserve Heritage Strains

As a Ganjier and cannabis flower connoisseur, I’m stoked to see the results of intentional efforts by farmers who love what they do. We...