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Leo Stone Aficionado Seeds

Keeping the Edge: An Inside Perspective on Choosing What Cannabis Genetic to Produce

It's understood that breeders in Northern California are making exponential strides every year, but few could claim to be as influential as Leo Stone, owner...
Tissue Culture for cannabis

Plant Tissue Culture: An Upcoming Alternative to Clones

Finding a reliable source of new cannabis plant starts, or clones, that are healthy and free of pests and disease is a constant challenge...
French wine regions.

How the Cannabis Industry Can Learn from History of Wine, Part 2 of 2

Successful development of the local cannabis industry needs quality control mechanisms similar to the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée originally developed by the Bordeaux wine growers. Read...
Cannabis seeds

How to Make Cannabis Seeds

If you're growing your own cannabis, there is no better or more rewarding feeling than growing from your own seeds, ones that you created....
You get way more than ordinary seeds in a sandwich bag when you pick up House of Aficionado seeds. Photo by North Coast Journal.

How 4 Mendocino Ganjiers Elevate the Seed Market With Emerald Triangle Genetics

Sponsored article of House of Aficionado, a Gold sponsor of the Ganjier Spring Kickoff! “Tradition is what makes the weed good in the first place,” according to the...
Selecting a male cannabis plant for breeding

How to Select Male Cannabis Plants for Breeding & Seed Making

Often when selecting a male for breeding you should be looking for the same things you would generally like to find in a female...
Seed exchange in Laytonville, California. Photo by Emily Hobelmann.

Cannabis Seed Library in Emerald Triangle Would Preserve Heritage Strains

As a Ganjier and cannabis flower connoisseur, I’m stoked to see the results of intentional efforts by farmers who love what they do. We...
Sun grown cannabis cultivation

5 Tips to Select the Best Genetics and Location for Your Climate

The resin has been cleaned from the glass pipes used at all of the 2014 cups and festivals, and suddenly 2015 is upon us!...