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When every bank in the U.S. received the dreaded letter from the Department of Justice threatening to shut them down for working with dispensaries, what would have happened if all of the banks instead of caving to their demands instead said NO?  Would the U.S. really close or simply take over all of the banks?  Would we as citizens let them?

Let’s say that when the DOJ was sending threatening letters to banks, city counsels, county supervisors, city clerks, etc., stating that “they personally will be arrested” for trying to manage cannabis in a responsible way, what would have happened if those individuals had called the DOJ’s bluff?  I imagine if that were the case, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation now.

Our economy would totally collapse, and you think it sucks now.  Just wait till the 1% steps up and takes what they have always felt is their right.  Which is everything!

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Kellie was born and raised in Southern California and have been immersed in the cannabis community and lifestyle of California for over 40 years. She is an advocate and activist for medical marijuana patients, which lead her to co-found 707 Cannabis College in Humboldt. 707 Cannabis College is committed to providing the highest quality education in the health benefits of appropriate cannabis use, sustainable cannabis horticulture, and evolving cannabis law. Kellie's entrepreneurial skills are put to work for cannabis as well -- she is currently the General Manager for Trim Scene Solutions in Redway, the NORML Women’s Alliance Community Leader for the NorCal/Emerald Triangle and works as an organizer of cannabis-related events in the Emerald Triangle.

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