Ganja rebel seeds

Q: What makes you a Ganjier?

A: I established a seed company that was years and years in the making. I’m originally from the East Coast, and I always dreamed of moving to California. I spent more than 15 years collecting the best genetics on the planet, and I spent four years specifically breeding plants and learning how to produce the best seeds. I wanted to put something really special out there. My company Ganja Rebel Seeds produces organic seeds in Southern Humboldt.

Q: Why did you wait so long to come to Humboldt?

A: I worked on my craft to get good enough to come here. When I finally came to California, it turned out I had a lot to offer.

Q: You have a reputation online of being a cannabis guru, right?

A: I’m involved in forums all over the web. It’s so unique what we do, and I love to share it. I especially love to offer my expertise and experience on

  • Strain selections
  • Soil mixing
  • Storage
  • Microbes
  • Genetics
  • Making seeds
  • Cloning

Cannabis is my biggest passion and I check the online cannabis communities regularly. I share a lot about the process and culture of Humboldt this way.

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As part of the Ganjier Media's founding team, Allison served as the first editor-in-chief of and executive producer of events like the Golden Tarp Award and the Ganjier Spring Kickoff. She owns Eris & Edrington Writing Company and has provided media consulting services for businesses and political candidates. She is also the Cannabis Editor for The Clever Root magazine. As a “recovering journalist,” she has contributed to major publications including The New York Times, The SOMM Journal, and Skunk Magazine. She has previously worked as a staff writer for daily newspapers, covering local elections, Humboldt cannabis policy, city government and criminal court cases.


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