Q: What makes you a Ganjier?

A: I’m immersed in the community and lifestyle, and I’m a co-founder of 707 Cannabis College. I’m also a patient and a patient advocate. I pay for it by being manager of Trim Scene Solutions in Southern Humboldt. I’m also an entrepreneur. I’m developing a film festival focused on cannabis, although as I start to talk with people, it’s becoming more of a cannabis art festival that will feature printed art, movies and paintings.

I’ve had a lifetime of experience with cannabis. 40 years of smoking pot, hanging out with stoners, and being a hippie. I’ve been learning more about cannabis during that time and owning a school floods me with info. I’ve learned so much from physicians, legislators, activists, patients just trying to make it through the day, and cultivators.

Q: What are you most passionate about in the cannabis industry?

A: I have a strong opinion about the money involved with medical cannabis and how small cultivators, the mom-and-pops, are asked every year to take less money for a superior product, yet value to the consumer is astronomical. Once you put conscious cultivators out of business, it’s big industry with low quality and high volume or being on your own.

If you’re a patient, that’s a big deal. Where I’m the biggest mouth is every year amendments and soil cost more. Small businesses aren’t getting enough to cover expenses. It’s also wrong to clear cut, overgrow and take all the resources in a community to dump it and leave the community with the money.

Q: What do you see as the future of cannabis in Humboldt?

A: Once freedom is restored, I would love to see businesses all up the avenue with tasting rooms and regulation we can live with and be successful. The big industry will grow low quality, like Budweiser does for beer. But there will be aficionados who will seek out the cream of the crop, like a single malt scotch.

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