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Q: What makes you a Ganjier?

A: As a journalist in the Emerald Triangle, I learned about the beat firsthand and the topics, issues, and players that have the biggest influences to the industry. I cover national and international cannabis news in my weekly report for KMUD community radio, The Ganjier, and other news outlets. I also host the monthly radio show Cannabis Consciousness.

Q: What brought you to Humboldt?

When I came to Humboldt in 2011, I experienced amazing herb but saw a lot of problems from the secrecy and illegitimacy of the industry. Prop 19 happened right before I came here as well as the fed crackdown, so no one was really talking about cannabis before I started reporting on it. (Editor’s note: If Prop 19 had passed in 2010, it would have legalized recreational cannabis in California and allowed the state to tax it. It was a very close vote).

Q: What drew you to report on cannabis as a journalist?

A: After I graduated John Hopkins with a BA in writing, I worked as a technical writer for high-tech firms for six years. That all changed with 9-11. That tragedy propelled me to leave my comfortable profession in search of greater purpose. I took out student loans and enrolled in the Audubon Expedition Institute to improve my environmental education.

Cannabis is one of those issues connected to so many of societies problems. I had friends in the military, so when 9-11 happened, it was no longer theoretical. I came to cannabis as a person struggling with war and what we are fighting for. There’s the war on drugs, the war on the poor, and it’s all connected to our war culture.

Cannabis is a plant that is misaligned and misunderstood. It has value to us as humans because it helps us relate and keep a peaceful perspective. It helps us slow down and empathize, not fight.

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As part of the Ganjier Media's founding team, Allison served as the first editor-in-chief of and executive producer of events like the Golden Tarp Award and the Ganjier Spring Kickoff. She owns Eris & Edrington Writing Company and has provided media consulting services for businesses and political candidates. She is also the Cannabis Editor for The Clever Root magazine. As a “recovering journalist,” she has contributed to major publications including The New York Times, The SOMM Journal, and Skunk Magazine. She has previously worked as a staff writer for daily newspapers, covering local elections, Humboldt cannabis policy, city government and criminal court cases.

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