Cannabis OG in soil

My energy was flowing as the spring harvest found its way to the trim tables this week, and as some California greenhouse growing systems are reaping benefits from blackout covers.

The cannabis produced in the blackout-style (aka light deprivation) greenhouse gardens in the past always needed deeper structure, suffered from powdery mildew, lacked cannabinoids and the intended effects diminished rapidly. The medical cannabis I’m looking at today changed my mind and has me looking at these projects from a new angle. The individuals dedicated to this particular strain (Lilquoi) and greenhouse style reflects the finished product — Top Grade!

That wasn’t always the case. This product struggled and, personally, I would have had it replaced. Glad I’m not the boss, because they nailed it! Fat, dense, light green nugs with sweet pine notes and that old school skunk smell. The fruits are drying but some scissor hash was sampled … for efficiency purposes, of course! The effect of reduced stress and major pain relief from nerve damage is quickly felt. Highly motivated buzz keeps me going. I now wonder what part of my yard we can set up a greenhouse.

Using Soil to Out-Compete Pathogens

I filmed a video presentation this week with Alan Adkisson, Mike and the Napa community for SCD Probiotics Global Conference in Poland, June 4-7. The goal was to showcase our project Probiotics in Education.

Our collective efforts brings the Probiotic Education to local schools,community and nonprofits around the Napa/Sonoma area. We feel the connection to the soil (bacteria/fungi) can rebuild a garden,community or industry. This results in clean water that maintains the qualify of life for the local people.

We roll Probiotic mud balls and then toss them in the local ponds or waterways for bio-remediation projects. We had some heartfelt stories shared on camera about the transformation our Probiotic Education program has given the families in our community. The river and ecology is our main goal.

We want the gardens to be thought as microbial-protected areas. For any organisms, we hope to out-compete the pathogens. Competitive exclusion principals nurtures the earth’s healing ability. Cannabis breeder from GageGreen schooled us on probiotic cannabis seeds amazing ability for potential epigenetic transformation. I’ll release the video upon completion.

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