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CA Senate Approves Medical Cannabis Regulation Bill, Assembly Rejects Competing Bill

A medical marijuana bill for California that would license and regulate cannabis-related businesses passed unanimously in the state Senate. Senate Bill 1262 introduced by Senator Lou Correa is the first bill to regulate medical marijuana that’s had the backing of the League of California Cities and the California Police Chiefs Association. While SB 1262 now moves to the Assembly for consideration in committees, A competing regulatory bill –AB 1894 introduced by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano — died in the Assembly with a floor vote of 27 in favor and 30 opposed, with 22 lawmakers not voting. One of the committees expected to vote on the Correa bill is the Assembly Public Safety Committee, headed by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano.

ACLU sues Fresno Over Cultivation Ban

Also in California, the ACLU of Northern California sued Fresno city and Fresno County over total bans on marijuana cultivation, charging that the state’s medical marijuana laws preempt Fresno’s ordinance that bans all cultivation.

The Secret is Out — 7 Secret Cups Planned in 2014

The Secret Cup, a national cannabis concentrates competition, is holding seven regional cups throughout the U.S. this year, with winners moving on to the final competition. On May 31, the Emerald Triangle in Northern California hosted the regional Secret Cup for the first time at Area 101 in Laytonville.

House votes to end DEA funding  for cannabis raids

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a funding bill amendment that would end funding for Department of Justice enforcement that interferes with implementation of State Medical Marijuana Laws. With 216 vote in favor to 189 against, the bill moved forward last week. The amendment to the Commerce, Justice & Science Appropriations bill is being hailed by Medical Marijuana Advocates as an unprecedented, major Victory to curb Department of Justice Enforcement efforts in the 22 states that have adopted medical marijuana laws.

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