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The Real Problem With Divorcing People From Their Food Source

The total removal of the people from the means of production has created an absolute proletariat class addicted to the opiate of television and massive grain over-consumption. The combination of these soothing features of modern life has created a nation of drones, plugged more into the fictional realities created for entertainment than to the actual practicalities of survival. Divorcing us from our food so effectively that most children can’t identify real strawberry from artificial is a massive and terrifying feat to have accomplished.

The overriding American impulse to dominate the natural world and recreate a newer, better way for ourselves has led to a great many mishaps, including margarine, low-fat everything, high-sugar, carbohydrate-based diets, low exercise levels, toxicity and poor living conditions. Our quality of life continues to decline as we become more enamored with the idea that synthetic products can provide salvation. If we focus on the things we can create from the sun, then we harvest solar dollars and create new wealth that previously didn’t exist. This new wealth then benefits the creator and the surrounding community with the inevitable ripple effect of local economics.

Using the sun to create more bounty and wealth for all of us should be our deep, driving purpose as humans. I have found it to be a beautiful journey that deepens in amazement, focus and loving intention with each passing day.

Exercising Our Human Rights Shouldn’t Require Bureaucrats

I believe that I have a human right to better my property as I see fit without the interference of self-replicating bureaucrats. Further, I believe that I have the right to produce from my land the things it will produce, for myself and for people who are interested in my products. This is the fundamental freedom of capitalism that our country was based on.

I’m not advocating for an entirely free-market system, but I absolutely cannot stand by and accept the reality that afforded me a felony conviction for flower cultivation. As Joel Salatin says, anytime the government gets between my hand and my mouth, we have a problem. Further, if I own my land I should be able to build whatever type of structures I want on it without regard to permits and processes so long as my buildings don’t impede another parcel in some demonstrable manner.

We’ve seen a long series of governmental overreaches into our privacy. Lawmakers are aptly named, and we have a system that by definition provides us with more regulations, rules, laws, codes and practices every year. This isn’t necessarily a good things. Good laws are good laws, but laws made for the sake of making laws and keeping bureaucrats and paper-pushers working are hurting our society, most specifically any non-toxic sector that regulation stifles or hinders.

In theory, I need to pour concrete and get permits to put up my greenhouses, which I only want to use in a given spot for a couple of years. This onerous, over-regulatory governmental policy framework has run amuck. As a populace, we need to put a stop to it.

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