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Taking Back Our Rights

They took our rights and abilities away from us one at a time, slowly, and we’ve got to take them back in exactly the same way. It’s a long, slow struggle. First, I learned to grow weed and think about what I eat. Then I learned to grow food and think about my meat. Then I learned to raise meat and now I focus on trying to provide for others in the way I’ve been able to for myself.

They took grain and gave us flour, they took milk and gave us skim. They made our meat from grain instead of grass like nature does, and they fed corn to fish, to us, and to anything they could feed it to. They processed, repackaged and distributed 15 cents in corn/wheat/soy/sugar with good advertising and sold it to us for $3 a box. They put sugar in everything and promoted a campaign to make us think sugar isn’t toxic.

The government “food pyramid” is suspiciously similar to the feed I feed to pigs to fatten them up efficiently for slaughter.

We have official recommendations to eat grains and cereals, and the direct result of governmental policies over the last fifty years have resulted in a population fattened for slaughter. The “obesity epidemic” is robbing huge segments of our culture of physical ability. Inability to provide physically for oneself automatically equals a dependent person who can only consume and be a cog in the system.

They told us to eat carbs because they had huge silos full of subsidized grains. They fed it to everything and have ruined the world with it. Put the animals back on grass, and put the humans back on meat and vegetables. We’re not made to eat grains in the manner that we are, and we’re definitively not supposed to eat refined sugar, nor sweeteners in anything like our culture has defined as normal. Obesity, kidney disease, Candida overgrowth, diabetes, heart disease, all of these can be directly traced to over-consumption of sugars and grains. Quality, grass-fed meat and nutrient dense vegetables are easily produce-able on a small, decentralized scale.

All we have to do is walk away from the subsidized production of poor quality food. If we don’t buy the stuff, they won’t grow it.

Farmers are a receptive lot, and we speak with our dollars. As a nation, we’ve spoken and told producers and processors that we’re more than willing to gobble down adulterated crap so long as they spike it with plenty of sugar-salt-fat and a pretty package. Vegetable oils, along with all of the things they’re producing from the big crops (corn-wheat-soy-canola) are things that we should not be consuming as humans, nor should we be feeding them to animals that are meant to graze grass.

The overproduction of subsidized grain in this country is damaging our world in a fundamental manner. Over-fertilization is killing the Gulf of Mexico, and over-plowing is running topsoil off the land and into our streams and rivers where it silts up spawning grounds and damages fish and other aquatic habitat.

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