Sunset in Michigan for High Times Cup
Sunset in Michigan for High Times Cup

The Sacred Role of a Cannabis Cultivator

Our growing season peaks as change blows in the air. Plants are making their beautiful transition preparing fruits for the Healing of the Nations. Native Cultures refer to the plants and trees as “The Standing Silent Nation,” providing them with the Highest Honor.

A proper ceremony would engage the plant caretakers to walk carefully on the land, respecting the four-legged creatures, winged animals and other wildlife. The harmony of Plant Caretakers can directly effect the quality of the medicine and environment. The more connection to the earth a Plant Caretaker, the more energy available for defending off pathogens or pests. Rocks and feather would be placed around the area for added reminders of the balance we should keep when handling other peoples medicine. Often, I see producers forgetting or not knowing the sacred role of a Cannabis Cultivator.

High Times Cups in San Francisco and Michigan

The High Times Cup SF and High Times Cup Michigan provided many examples of Medical vs Recreational. High Times Cup San Francisco represented the medical cannabis industry well with great products from E-Nectar Vaporizing Oil, CBD Tincture from Naturally Mystic Organics, plants high in CBD (Valentine),and medicated ice cream. It’s hard passing up that free sample in 90 degree plus weather!

I dream of the day when a state-to-state competition can determine the champion.

High Times Cup Michigan refreshed my energy to liberate cannabis nationwide. Many seriously ill patients lack safe access because of limited dispensaries and must rely on shady caregivers to grow cannabis for them, which may keep the quality herbs for themselves and only surrender the worst part of the plant for medical use.

Educational programs about proper medical use of cannabis paired with strain selection will launch the Great State of Michigan to the front of the Cannabis Revolution. The people of Michigan resemble my friends in the Emerald Triangle. Open hearts from the locals shared the fruits of Michigan cannabis. The Big Deal Strain for Michigan was the Gorilla Glue #4, selling at $150 a clone.

I sampled the buds and was not impressed with its effects. Maybe a California Grower can show it “in the right light.” Just kidding, these boys can farm. I dream of the day when a state-to-state competition can determine the champion. My favorite Michigan cannabis sample happen to be The Healing Fields (GageGreenGroup), a high CBD strain. The effects are unmatched for my chronic nerve pain, PTSD, and a disk disease bringing me relief in 5 minutes without feeling over medicated and lasting for hours!

The Takeaway from High Times Cups

The challenge at both High Times Cups was over-medication. I witnessed behaviors that can limit our medical cannabis industry. But there are ways to mitigate this. Recreational Cannabis vs Medical Cannabis outreach programs can be helpful for law enforcement and patient safety. Understanding the effects from different types of cannabis improves the effectiveness of the medicine.

The bright side and dark side of our cannabis worlds collide at these events.

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Cuauhtemoc’s protection for microbials in the soil has helped cannabis cultivators grow full spectrum medicine sustainably and vineyards grow tastier, more sustainable grapes. He has worked with probiotics for 15 years, and has distributed for the last 5 years. He's considered an expert soil and probiotic consultant and has developed an outreach educational program for youth in California’s wine-producing counties. He also works for Peace in Medicine in Santa Rosa. In 2013, he was a co-judge for The Emerald Cup alongside Alan Adkisson and hosted workshops for Native American Farming Practices at the cup.

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