Top Economist Visits Emerald Triangle

While California’s statewide medical marijuana regulatory bill SB 1262 died in committee last week, numerous groups continue to mull over how a legitimate cannabis industry should be regulated in California.

This week several Northern Mendocino and Southern Humboldt cannabis farmers were visited by economist Tony Oliviera, who is now gathering data for a report on the economic impacts of different cannabis legalization models. According to Susan Soares, the Executive Director of the nonprofit CARE (Cannabis Awareness Research and Economics), Oliviera is a top economist who’s last project was an economic analysis of High Speed Rail for Governor Jerry Brown.

Susan Soares told Ganjier Kerry Reynolds in a phone interview that the focus of this trip was gathering data on water usage requirements, although they learned from farmers of other issues needing to be considered for a complete economic analysis.

Soares explained the goal of the report is to help inform policy makers so they can examine how different models of regulation on California’s cannabis industry effects the economic and environmental impacts of the industry. She suspects the research will require at least one more trip to the Emerald Triangle. She and Oliviera have spent over 12 months visiting cannabis farms and businesses throughout California.
CARE will have a booth at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa this December. Susan Soares says she hopes the report will be ready by then, but they’ll take as long as they need to cover the many factors involved in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Farmers Market, Mendo-Style

The California Heritage Market was a Cannabis Farmers Market that premiered in Los Angeles on Independence Day this year. The Cannabis Community applauded the first day as a great success and planned to hold the market every Saturday. But the market was shut after LA’s city attorney filed a public nuisance complaint. A judge ordered the market to close until a court hearing on August 27th.

Nearly two months later, a new cannabis farmer’s market is making its debut in the Northern California area known as the Emerald Triangle. On Saturday August 30th, Area 101 in Northern Mendocino will host a Cannabis Farmers Market starting at 2 p.m. and continuing into the evening.

The Market is only open to members of the Collective, Healing Harvest Farms. Admission to the market is free once patients sign up with the collective. Area 101 owner and Emerald Cup producer Tim Blake says they hope the Farmers market eventually becomes a monthly event that gives patients from the Bay Area and all over California the opportunity to mingle with Emerald Triangle growers, learn more about their medicine, and experience the scene.

Along with items found at all farmers markets such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers – the market will offer cannabis flowers, concentrates, topicals, and tinctures to collective members. The event also features live music, and a demonstration by renowned hash maker Frency Cannoli. Blake says he’s expecting a great turn out on August 30th, 2pm. No pets please.

From Around the Nation

Oregon Democratic Party Endorses Legalization Initiative.

This week Oregon’s voter initiative Measure 91 – The New Approach Oregon cannabis legalization initiative, was endorsed by the Oregon Democratic Party.

First Dispensary Opens in Connecticut

Connecticut’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened Wednesday night. Prime Wellness of Connecticut is 1 of 6 dispensaries licensed by the Department of Consumer Protection. The 5 additional dispensaries are expected to open in Connecticut in the next few months.

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