Beautiful outdoor cannabis plant in bloom from the Emerald Triangle
Beautiful outdoor cannabis plant in bloom from the Emerald Triangle

To create a dependent populace, take away their means of self-support. Criminalize their traditional herbs and practices, make it illegal for them to sell the products of their land. Provide them with uniform education that encourages following authority, and feed them poor quality foods that don’t contain the necessary nutrients to create fully realized human beings.

Our food supply is Concentrated Frankenstein. CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) rob both humans and animals of natural dignity and self-expression. We grow millions of acres of grain with petroleum to feed to cattle, which aren’t made to eat grain. Mechanical evisceration infects carcasses with fecal matter so that we “have” to poison our poopy meat with irradiation (cold pasteurization), chlorination, and pasteurization (boiling) of all liquids.

Manure, the traditional backbone of farm fertility, has become a pollutant because we’ve concentrated the animals. Almost nothing processed and packaged for shelf-stability is worth eating because processing stripped the nutrients out and the preservatives that make it shelf-stable inhibit digestion.

Our medical system is utterly Frankenstein-like, designed not to work until we need to be stitched back together. Combine this with deliberate policies encouraging consumption of poor-quality food and we’re always sick. At the heart of it all is a profit-driven capitalist system. As long as profit is the goal, corners will always be cut and people won’t be healthy. We need a qualitative manner of measurement, not a quantitative.

I don’t want huge amounts of low-quality anything. I want the right amount of quality product.

The World These Frankenstein Systems Create — Losing Rights Over Your Own Body

The logical consequences of these Frankenstein processes is a world in which doctors don’t listen to their patients, prescriptions are hugely overused and people are sick, tired and confused. It is assumed by the system that I don’t know my body well enough to make decisions for myself. Instead of the health system serving to sustain and inform us in our quest for health, it serves to keep us sick and medicated with synthetic drugs.

To get us to take these “medicines,” they first had to divorce us from our traditional remedies and means of supporting health. This fed us right into a system of prescribed synthetics.

I want my rights to traditional medicines back, and I want to be able to choose how to medicate myself. I don’t need a doctor to tell me that cannabis helps my back pain. But I have to have a doctor’s note for my use to be socially acceptable. I reject this as a fundamental fallacy and assert my human right to provide for myself the products my farm will raise, be they food, fuel, medicine, fiber, or any other form of solar-dollar-conversion that doesn’t cause harm.

Prohibition and Bad Regulations Create Harm — Not Cannabis or Real Food

And to folks who would point out the harms of cannabis, I’d say each point you make can be refuted by the failing of government to regulate an industry that supplies a product a sizable portion of the population has deemed enjoyable for consumption (not to mention the patients who benefit).

Hippocrates knew it millenia ago: “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” The Greeks understood that you get out what you put into the body. We’ve attempted to substitute medicine for good food, and the result is a sick, obese, diabetic population. These are diseases that have only really begun to affect our populace over the last 50 years, when we started eating approximately the same ration of grains as the swine we fatten for market.

In the end, the bounty nature provides creates the healthiest plants, animals and humans. Synthetic products are excellent when they aren’t substitutions for natural products, because they fulfill their true definitional meaning. We don’t need synthetic versions of nature’s perfection – we need wholesome, quality nourishment and natural medicines that can best be delivered by small, diversified family farms embedded in strong, secure communities.

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