Outdoor cannabis plants mature with energy directly from the sun.
Outdoor cannabis plants mature with energy directly from the sun.

We use electricity as a form of energy to run machinery to accomplish our goals. We speak of energy in terms of vibration patterns, wave movements, thoughts, prayers and abilities. Human energy, vision, and creative ability are what I’d like to delve into today.

Loving, intentional energy creates beauty in its works. Human vision coupled with intentional action has allowed us to evolve as a species so that we’re now capable of using technological innovations to accomplish tasks in more efficient and less physically demanding manners. Hydraulics is the perfect example, in which intelligent human design yields results far more powerful than could possibly be generated by simple manpower.

Solar Powers More Than Crops

We are part of a renewed system of decentralized food security that will recreate the American agrarian landscape.

Solar energy is the source that drives our loving intention. We depend on the sun to raise our crops, grow our pasture, keep our animals healthy and provide electricity. When I see the sun rise in the morning, it makes me smile with pure joy. The sun powers our farm, through 2300 watts of solar panels that charge eight golf cart batteries.

The loving intention that we put into our farm is dramatically facilitated by technology. It is fair to say that the methods of farming we use would have been generally impossible 30 years ago. Solar panels power pumps that push water from lowland ponds to tanks, where it then runs through filters to battery operated timers, which control flow to extensive drip emitter systems. I’m 31 years old; these systems are much younger than me.

Electric fencing and quick, portable fence setups have facilitated the process of pasture-raising animals. This allows us to mimic natural patterns of predator avoidance by keeping animals clustered in an area with fencing that we move regularly. Controlling electrical energy in this manner yields more effective methods of farming.

Using Solar Energy to Keep Produce and Meat Cool

One of the most crucial steps in our ability to farm is the conversion of solar energy into refrigeration. We run three solar refrigerators and two solar freezers on our farm; this is how we cool and store our produce, they are also an essential link in our ability to provide meat for ourselves. Both freezers stay stocked up with quality local meat that we buy up as we encounter it.

Having the storage space allows us to raise and slaughter meat chickens and pigs (Geigers in Laytonville provides an incredible service in butchering larger animals). The freezers allow us to purchase local lamb and beef in bulk which supports farmers in our community. This enables us to make high-quality, locally produced meals.

We are part of a renewed system of decentralized food security that will recreate the American agrarian landscape.

Know Your Land Like Only a Farmer Can

As a third-generation NorCal back-to-the-lander, I appreciate the energy that created the homesteads of my culture. We experience the Jeffersonian reality of micro-scale, diversified farmsteads supported by a cannabis cash-crop. This gives us the ability to leverage infinite entrepreneurial potentialities. As a culture, we’ve really just begun to scratch the surface of what we can produce for ourselves.

The variation in micro-climate caused by the rugged nature of the terrain creates similar variation in production capacity. As we sink our roots into the bedrock of our farms, we begin to see the deeper patterns and interactions that occur. We learn the warm pockets that hold heat, and the cool pockets that frost. We learn the warm, sunny slopes as we also encounter the cool, shaded north-faces.

Participating in the rhythm of the seasons allows us to access the cyclical potential of the natural world. We pick a set of cycles, jump on the wheels and start rolling. We have crop cycles broken into hot and cool weather, rotated through spring, summer, winter, fall. We run animal cycles, moving them regularly to build fertility and pasture quality.

Evolving a deep understanding of the natural processes of the farm allows the farmer to adjust practices to maximize productive capacity and total happiness.

Your Farm as a Solar System

The farm is much like a solar system; the farmer is the sun, carrying the energy of vision. Rotating around the farmer are the various enterprises and dynamics that shape the farm organism. The dialectical operation (push-pull, give-and-take) of this solar system gives rise to innovation and change over time. New practices and enterprises are incorporated, while old ones are refined for the future or relegated to the failure pile. The farm has a soul of land and a body of buildings and tools. The heart and mind of the farm reside in the farmers.

Our human heritage is a deep knowledge and sense of place in the world. An increasingly chaotic modernity reinforces the disconnect between Americans and their traditional sense of self. This robs our culture of the magic of seed germination, the scratching of pig bellies, the hatching of chicks. The natural world provides abundance that makes humans feel good. Flowers, birds, bees, animals, trees and the breeze; there is vast, innate happiness present in the natural world.

This energy is accessible to humans; the deeper we embed in a place and time, the greater the connection to this natural power source. It’s nature’s basic, feel-good, serotonin bump, embodied in the little things.

Each trip around the sun finds me more tuned in to my time and place, which allows me to see more effectively the truth of my surroundings. Human perception often clouds true experience; I strive at all times to be present in the beauty of nature. It’s not all sunshine and roses, but my goal is to stay fundamentally aware of the beauty encompassing my life.

As a person who runs manic on the mood-spectrum chart, I rely on the natural world to provide a sense of calm when I’m struggling with irritability and anxiety. I medicate with cannabis and then I spend a few moments deeply appreciating the beauty of my surroundings. This quiets the nagging thoughts and allows me to focus my attention to the present moment. I repeat the mantra “overthinking kills happiness”, and I feel the air in my lungs. Life is good; nature, love, family, farming of food and medicine.


  1. This article resonated with me most deeply, while not as detailed on planting specifics, it managed to describe how the act of gardening creates meaning for a farmer, and how the connection to the seasons is paramount to life of plants and people. I am impressed that a 30 year old has such an appreciation, and I hope it’s not too late for the rest of us to get rooted..

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