Integrated cannabis and veggie farm
Integrated cannabis and veggie farm

When you work outside with your friends doing something that feels fulfilling, life is good.

Medicating with cannabis fills me with a feeling of happiness and upliftment. Playing and listening to music gives me a similar feeling of peaceful, happy contentment. I treasure the feelings I get from both cannabis and music as integral parts of my being. There is no feeling in the world like taking my morning bong hit, putting my headphones on and hearing something good come on.

I’m writing or doing my chores with my heart and soul filled; cannabis and music give me such loving energy that my farm routine becomes that of ultimate spiritual contentment.

I’ve always been a soundtrack-to-life kind of person. Music moves me, keeps me engaged in my work by providing rhythm and continuity. When I was a kid I would time my jobs based on the length of the songs I was listening to; five song job, three song job, etc. I’ve always loved to work, and music has always provided a beat to keep me moving.

A Love for Meaningful Work Started Young with Music

I started cutting firewood to make money when I was eight. I couldn’t run a chainsaw, so I would use a maul and smash up dead manzanita branches. In a day or two, I could gather and smash enough wood for a truckload, which I found I could sell for $75. I bought a small boombox and would jam out to tunes while I hauled or smashed wood. As a kid, I did all kinds of odd jobs on the hill: weed eating, the various firewood facets, basic building and general helper projects.

‘Let us be happy in our work’

Pop always encouraged me. In the early days when he was still a carpenter, I went to work with him and I absolutely loved it. As young as five, I got to work with the men and I feel that these experiences were highly formative for me. On a construction site, there are a million things a kid can do as efficiently as a grown up. I always had books to read and toys to play with, but I wanted to work, to help out and be part of the program.

The stereo would be playing rock or the ballgame, and we’d build the houses and outbuildings that make up our farmstead community. Mom packed our lunches in the morning; we knew what we were eating each day and looked forward to it. I took great pride in having my own small cooler, just like the men. I was the clean-up man — I made it my business to keep the job site clean and orderly. I learned to swing a hammer right way so that I could nail off decking and siding. This allowed the men to move along faster.

My work was always hugely appreciated (after all, I was doing all the stuff no one really wanted to do), and I was thrilled to be able to help. Children love to please and I firmly believe this set of experiences shaped my value of community and sense of loving intention. The job-site motto was always “Let us be happy in our work.”

When you work outside with your friends doing something that feels fulfilling, life is good.

Earning the Tools of a Successful, Happy Business Owner

The men told me to think about what wages I had earned for a given job-site, and at the end of the week I would tell the homeowner what I felt I was worth. This gave me a deep sense of responsibility and made me aware of value at a very young age. Invariably, I would ask for a number that I had agonized over and then would find myself with a nice bonus. Homeowners were always impressed with my abilities, which added to my sense of self-worth and capability. I feel truly that this environment enabled me to become a successful business owner with a work ethic of ultimate strength and dedication.

I wouldn’t trade my life of physical labor for anything in the world. I love working outside, bouncing to my choice of beat in my own beautiful world. You couldn’t pay me enough money to take a different job. I love farming, and I’m proud to use my body to produce bounty from my land.

Music + Cannabis = Part of Life’s Magic

Cannabis is an integral part of this process. At 31, I feel the results of my lifetime of loving labor. As a production vegetable farmer, I can honestly say that cannabis is the linchpin that keeps my back and spirit in the operation. It isn’t that medicating erases the pain, it’s that it tunes the dial from the soreness back to the sweet sound of music. My body responds accordingly, moving happily to work in time to the beat.

Coupling cannabis with music makes the experience of life even more magical. I listen to my headphones early in the morning, and then to tunes coming out of my little portable speaker box for the rest of the day. Being able to move to the beat while riding the cannabinoid wavelength gives me a feeling of ultimate upliftment that I treasure very much.

Cannabis reminds my body why the aches it feels are true and right; it invigorates my sense of purpose and cause. I smoke a bong hit and feel like superman; the strength of actuated energy courses through me and I go forth with great zeal and positivity. It is my infinite attitude adjustment tool, reminding me of the essential goodness around me. Cannabis cornerstones my appreciation for the little things, slowing me down enough to embed myself in my place and time. Feeling the flow of the universe around me as a boat in the stream, cannabis guides my little raft through the turbulent waters.

When I falter, when my energy flags and I feel overwhelmed, cannabis is always there for me. It is my light in the darkness, when I’m unsure or afraid. Cannabis quiets my demons, stills the chattering of a nervous, anxious mind. Various descriptions of me include “intense”, “high-strung”, and “manic” — cannabis provides the necessary mood stabilization that helps me to be the person I want to be.

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