Inside the Mateel at Golden Tarp 9-13-14. Photo by Jose Quezada.
Inside the Mateel at Golden Tarp 9-13-14. Photo by Jose Quezada.

^ Terrance Alan of California Cannabis Voice speaking at the 2014 Golden Tarp Award.

UPDATE 8/10/2015: The 2nd annual Golden Tarp Award is happening Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 at the Mateel in Humboldt! Tickets on sale now and entry deadline is August 27, 2015.

Amongst the many aspects of cannabis that were represented at the 1st annual Golden Tarp Award was the issue of activism. Three speakers emphasized why the time is NOW to make real change in California (and the nation) when it comes to cannabis. We can use the momentum of the nationwide Cannabis Movement. The voices of cultivators, patients and innovators must not be left out of the conversation as the state, counties and cities continue to tackle regulation and legitimization.

In the first speaking slot of the day were three speakers from different organizations: Terrance Alan of California Cannabis Voice, Lakisha Jenkins of California Cannabis Industry Association, and Hezekiah Allen of Emerald Growers Association. The originally scheduled speaker, Matt Kumin of CCV, was sick and unable to attend, which is why these three stepped up to carry the torch and get the message out there that it’s time to stand up together #sameteam style.

Check out the videos above and below to catch what all of these cannabis activists had to say.

Terrance Alan of CCV — Video at Top of Page

Hezekiah Allen of EGA

Lakisha Jenkins of CCIA

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