Winner of a Ganjier plaque at Golden Tarp Award 2014. Photo by Jose Quezada.
Winner of a Ganjier plaque for getting into the top 16 plus the CBD award and swag at Golden Tarp Award 2014. Photo by Jose Quezada.

UPDATE 8/10/2015: The 2nd annual Golden Tarp Award is happening Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015 at the Mateel in Humboldt! Tickets on sale now and entry deadline is August 27, 2015.

The Golden Tarp Award was created to honor the light deprivation growing practice and to celebrate the farmers who grow the world’s best cannabis. The Mateel was packed as the award ceremony got started.

Here’s how we did the sifting to determine the winner of the Golden Tarp Award. All entries were tested for contaminants, pathogens and mold by Pure Analytics. Every entry was entered under one of four categories: Fruit, Floral, Fuel and Earth. The four strains with the highest cannabinoid total in each category moved on to the semi-finals. That’s where the judges randomly selected from patients who attended come in. Those 25 judges samples and scored all 16 strains before 4:20 p.m. (no easy feat) — their scores were what chose the winning strain, OG Deez. (Hear from one of the judges on what it’s like to go through 16 world class strains in a single, blazing hot afternoon.)

Not all the cultivators felt they could take credit on stage, including the grower of OG Deez. We were able to congratulate them on a job well done and give them their prizes after the event. We have a lot of respect for those who did come up on stage and accept them. The crowd showed their love, too!

Congratulations to everyone who made it into the top 16. We’ll see what you got next year 😉

You can see the full list of winners and their cannabinoid totals here.

Photo Gallery of 1st Annual Golden Tarp Award Ceremony


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