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I dream most nights of helicopters and police. I woke this morning from jail; a vivid mental representation of my second felony cannabis conviction and the subsequent dehumanizing experience of having my freedom taken, again. Waking up tired and stressed because unjust governmental policies haunt my sleep — this is not how I prefer to begin my day. As a hardworking, honest, American farmer, I grow weary of the negativity impressed upon my psyche by the threat of heavy-handed governmental regulation.

I grow cannabis because I love the good energy the plant imparts to my reality. It is an incredible plant to tend, the energy it gives off is unique, and as a farmer, exceptional. I love to smoke weed; I gain upliftment, the extra spring in my step and the evaporation of the soreness from my back.

I will continue to grow cannabis for as long as I live, unbowed. The government shall not remove access to my traditional human means of medicinal and spiritual support. As a participant in the Universal Cannabis Sacrament, I claim my American right to worship in the way I see fit. I don’t set foot in man-made belief structures; I smoke weed in the church of nature and appreciate the universal energy and the fundamental oneness of all things.

Cannabis is deeply spiritual, a loving intentional process that also has the potential to create economic benefits, contributing to GDP but more importantly, to the Happiness Index with a vast ripple effect in many dimensions of society. As a farmer, my rights to production are basic and necessary. As paradigmatic underpinnings, these rights created the ferment that led to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. I am an American farmer, exercising my human right to produce bounty for my family and customers through stewardship of the land.

It makes me feel good to stand in human tradition and history with deep, abiding faith that what I do is right. Cannabis has been altering the human consciousness for as long as there has been one, and the expansion to my own consciousness has helped to make me who I am. In true galvanized commitment, I strive to speak for cannabis because it has spoken to me.

Waking and Dreaming Perspectives on Jail

When I’m awake, the thought of going back to jail isn’t so bad; it would be just another step in my life process, a journey I would try to draw new insight and knowledge from. In my sleep, it’s a much different feeling.

The preparation of my life for my absence is a frenetic, hectic process that leaves me exhausted upon waking. As a person rooted fundamentally in the power of positive energetics, the negative impression the system has made on my psyche is fundamentally unjust. For all the people who are, were, or will be incarcerated for cannabis, I say, “no more.” We should start there.


  1. It was powerful reading this. The intensity of the fear that settles over the community is palpable. We are trying to stand and shake the decades of heavy handed enforcement, yet the troubles remain. This is why the core values of the Emerald Grown project are courage, partnership and sustainability, because we need all three in these last days of Prohibition.

  2. that was a not needed comment. You should be “ashamed” their is a darkness lurching in your perception. Find the light brother.

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