One judge thought this Emerald Cup entry looked especially beautiful.
One judge thought this Emerald Cup entry looked especially beautiful.

UPDATE 6:30 p.m. Dec. 2

The Emerald Cup judge’s meeting is wrapping up. Each subgroup will get their assigned samples of the more recent entries by the end of the week so the total 600 entries can be reviewed by at least some of the judges to make it to the semifinals. The roughly two dozen judges will take some home tonight to review, too.

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UPDATE 5:30 p.m. Dec. 2

When the Emerald Cup judges came to their first meeting, they were expecting 300 flowers would be entered by the December 1 deadline. But Emerald Cup founder Tim Blake stunned the judge’s panel when he said his staff was working around the clock to process the roughly 600 total entries.

“We don’t even have enough jars to put samples in,” he said.

There was a collective realization that it just wasn’t possible for every judge to smoke another 400 entries before December 13.

To give every entry a fair shot, the judges have broken into 4 subgroups, and each subgroup will judge 100 entries. The early entries have already been judged by most of the panel, and they collected each person’s top 10 from that first group so the newer judges could have a crack at the best of the early entries.


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