Rolling a joint at the Golden Tarp Award 2014 judge's table. Photo by Jose Quezada.
Rolling a joint at the Golden Tarp Award 2014 judge's table. Photo by Jose Quezada.

As a Libertarian, Democratic, Socialist Conservationist, the logic of farmers growing cannabis and hemp is inarguable and inescapable. As a human, the deep support our species has been provided by the plant as we evolved fills me with a soulful faith in my role as a farmer. As a redneck, the simple utility of the plant is undeniable; good cordage and rope is a necessary asset. As a hippy, a lover of the world and everything in it, the spiritual dimension and expansion of consciousness that cannabis has given me proved to be the thing I treasure most of all.

I didn’t come to daily use until college and I believe that it is important to set the bedrock of self-identity before deeply engaging in the powerful medicine that cannabis offers. Traditionally ceremonial in nature, cannabis carries the potential to subsume individuals who have not settled their footing in the river of life. Like all powerful sources of energetics, cannabis doesn’t create but instead amplifies and vibrates with the frequencies it encounters. Focusing on positivity and good energy creates higher vibrational patterns that further amplify the power of the energetics.

Our species is a tale of higher frequential operation over time; the more we evolve, the faster we do so.

What Sharing Cannabis Means to Many

The universal stoner stereotype bears some delving into. Sharing of cannabis is a means of establishing brother/sisterhood in humanity, in a sense appreciating a metaphysical sacrament. For many of us, cannabis is the access point to a more traditional means of being, an appreciation and realization of individualized ritual process that a homogenized American reality would deny. This ritualized process yields a consciousness expanding experience that conveys greater appreciation of surroundings and love for the universal processes of life.

Cannabis, as a values-based plant rooted in positive energetics, carries a vast spiritual and physical tradition for humanity. Cannabis has provided a historical sacrament, given us nourishment and spiritual enlightenment, a means to make essential cordage and weave fabric to shelter our bodies. I firmly believe that cannabis was the dry, resinous material early nomadic man used to couch the spark and blow ember to flame, the elder-fire-keeper inhaling deeply, expanding consciousness and preparing to share the evening meal and the oral tradition that carried the spark of our humanity down through the ages.

The love, beauty and appreciation that cannabis has helped to engender in my experience of the world is something I consider integral, inseparable from the realization of my human process. My lofty ideals and desire to see good for humanity are fundamentally guided and incorporated by my relationship with cannabis. The beautiful human expression that I have seen the plant support has been crucial to my development as a person.

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