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The Department of Justice recently ruled that Native Americans on reservations can engage in the blooming legal cannabis industry. They’ll need to follow federal conditions already in place in states that allow for distribution of recreational cannabis.

The U.S. currently recognizes over 300 reservations in 30 states that can potentially become active players in the hemp/cannabis industry. Sustainable development for economic and cultural preservation moves closer to a reality for Native Americans on the reservation with the generous opportunity permitted by the Department of Justice.

Cannabis is not going to be easy for the reservation community to embrace because alcohol and drugs destroy many lives of indigenous people. Proper education about hemp/cannabis remains absent for the community members and tribal leaders, which may hinder the progress of creating a market in hemp. The prophecy from Black Elk that re-connects humans with the Sacred Tree and Mother Earth floats through my mind.

Discovery of cannabis and hemp usage on different reservations unveils the deep connection and innovation that these crops shared with Native Americans. Each group of indigenous people protect various story, songs, ceremony or unique practices that honor our Sacred Tree. The diversity of  rituals from each reservation will naturally develop into eco-tourism opportunity, attracting inquiring minds wanting to learn more about Indian hemp plants or products.

Native American farming practices specific to each reservation may harbor the future agricultural models adoptable for sustainable agriculture development nationwide.

Hemp More Appealing to Reservations to Start

Most likely hemp will find a home on the reservations before cannabis. Hemp contains no THC and naturally will  dissolve fear surrounding the cannabis/hemp plant. Hemp linens, textile, construction materials, cigars coupled with tradition hemp-related goods ensures modern and traditional practices pass on to our younger generations.

Medical Opportunities Abound with DOJ Decision

CBD friendly plants that service the medical community are highly sought after by the new wave of cannabis family members. The first group of California’s Prop 215 card holders required THC-rich flowers, gearing most production facility to meet their demand. The new wave of cannabis therapy recipients call on CBD cannabis. Slow exposure to cannabinoids increases the chance of  greater success utilizing cannabis therapy by not over medicating the individual for both new adult patients and children with specific conditions.

The First People’s CBD/THC cannabis tonics and lotions can combat some serious illness and diseases, which is intriguing medical professionals and scientists from around the world!

It’s no doubt that some of the best Emerald Triangle produce comes consistently from the 3rd Generation Family. Visit their booth at any of the cannabis cups or shows and they’ll set ya straight. When cannabis cultivation can be produced in ways that protect the generations before and after you, a special light comes to the finished product.

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