Cannabis outdoor plant through the seasons.
Cannabis outdoor plant through the seasons.

The seasons blend together: We clear, prep, plant, working future and past through the lens of the present. Bringing seed to life starts a magical journey that ends in harvest later in the year. This creates a sense of continuity that gives meaning and structure to life.

To the farmer, each time of year brings new tasks, bounty and opportunities. To those who work the soil, the names of the seasons are just names and mean much more.

  • Summer isn’t so much “summer” as it is squash, beans, tomatoes and basil time.
  • Fall is actually the time of cannabis, potato, carrot, pumpkin, kale, cabbage, broccoli, apple (the list goes on).
  • Spring as you might imagine is the land of tender, fresh and fabulous, distillations of mild winter sunshine; salads, tender greens, spicy mustards Asian cabbages, Brussels sprouts, hearty cooking greens.

These same periods of time are signified by the work we’re doing. Spring and fall are heavy prep-work periods, requiring lots of human-power. We’re triple-pace during fall because nature ripens many of her bounties at the same time that we prep and plan for the crops that will nourish us through the colder months.

Food needs to be of harvestable size before the growth slowdown because little production will happen from the beginning of December to mid January.  Winter is for planning, summer is for tending the riotous bounty, supporting the cannabis, and marveling at the magical growth of plants, all while trying not to be overwhelmed.

Growing Cannabis and Other Crops: A Worthwhile Balancing Act

Balance is the key component in the equation and is often the most difficult to maintain. When the medicinal cannabis harvest gets underway, you can almost hear the sucking sound as all available resources are drawn into the task. Our process of Clean Green Certification gave us an understanding of cannabis as a food-grade crop. This more focused lens added another layer to the art form of technique.

Watching the farm develop over the years fills my soul with the strength of good works. I am not a religious man but as we pass the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus I reflect on his teachings. Farming allows me to live a life honoring the golden rule, which fills my spirit with joy. The many crops we grow support my body and mind. Of them all, cannabis adds light and understanding to my reality and requires the most loving, intentional effort of any crop we produce.

On Cannabis and Fair Prices for All Farmers

As a small family farm, we raise nourishment for our community but the margins on vegetables are slim; cannabis and hemp are small-farm support tools that can reinvigorate and repopulate the small farms of this country.

Farmers deserve to be paid a fair price for the time, effort, skill and knowledge that they put into their work. In a world of cheap, commodity “foods,” cannabis provides a fulcrum to support farmers while genuinely nourishing localized economies. As a board member of the Emerald Growers Association, I stand for the heritage of homestead California cannabis cultivation.

Rural America needs the help of a natural agricultural crop that supported humanity prior to modern times. We have a duty as humans to bring forth from the hills the cultural knowledge of cannabis and reinvigorate the rural American landscape.

We seek to serve as participants in an ethics-based reality that honors ecology, community and economics.  As farmers, we work the land in the true spirit of American Agrarianism, throwing heart and soul into our efforts.  We believe that everything is connected to everything and we strive to honor our potential through conscious, loving intention.

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(Editor’s note: Just an FYI, The photo compilation from seed to harvest does not feature the same strain/plant in all the photos.)


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