Sun grown cannabis cultivation
Sun grown cannabis cultivation

The resin has been cleaned from the glass pipes used at all of the 2014 cups and festivals, and suddenly 2015 is upon us! Do you have a location picked for next year’s crop? Do you know what you’re growing? If you’re still on the fence, there are a few things you want to take into account.

1. Know Local Limits

In Mendocino, 25 per patch next to a building on your property and/or friends property is it. If it’s in an open field, it’s considered an open grow through CAMP’s eyes. CAMP and/or the chopper patrol may then do what’s called a drop and chop where they drop from a helicopter with chainsaws and will likely chop them at the base of the plant.

In Humboldt, it’s 99 plants. Go over that and the game changes, making it likely you’ll gain unwanted attention from federal agencies. If you’re an experienced grower, however, you can stay within the numbers and still grow some amazing medicine.

2. Make Your Bed

What will you grow in? Will you use 200 or 400 smart pots? I’ve seen trenches dug out at an angle so there’s no water build up, which worked out well through the season. You can also do a classic bed. There’s a variety of ways to grow, so just go with what works for your situation and budget.

3. Picking Genetics Suited to Your Location

Sunset on the farm
Where does the sun set in relation to your potential farm?

With 2015 around the bend, what does that mean to us — the farmers, the sun chasers, the fools who go against the man and give him the bird? It means we get to go shopping! And a shopping we go for next year’s genetics. Genetics are the second most important thing (after location) you need to consider before you pop seeds.

What strain/flavor you grow and where you grow it have a huge effect on what your crop looks like at the end of the year.

For instance, somebody cultivating in Riverside, California doesn’t have the same mold, fog and humidity issues that a cultivator in Bodega Bay, Santa Cruz or Humboldt has to carefully manage. The shorter growing season in those foggy, humid locations means strains with faster finishing times, like a nice Indica or mixed hybrids, are better suited to thrive. Areas with longer growing seasons are more hospitable to a Sativa that may finish in 12 weeks or even 16 weeks.

Last year, we had a friend with a Strawberry Haze that finished up right around Thanksgiving in Mendocino. He was able to do that because he built a structure around it, kind of like a mini-greenhouse. A few fell when the weather got bad, and he would go out there and cover it during the storm. Once the skies cleared, he’d uncover it.

4. Your Best Advice Will Come from Local Cannabis Farmers

One thing I would definitely suggest is to ask around to see what others have grown in your community, wherever that might be.

A few questions you can ask your cannabis-friendly neighbors:

  • How did their crop turn out where they grew cannabis?
  • Did the plants have partial sun?
  • Was it a south facing slope?
  • How much did she eat?
  • Was there fog?
  • Was she a plant that desired a lot of food, or was she a light feeder?

Ask as many questions as you can, and gather as much information as possible to make the correct choice for your particular environment and set up.  After all, California is known for its microclimates, so how you grow the same plant will have to change depending on your location.

5. Don’t Forget CBDs in Your 2015 Crop

There is no one-size-fits-all for growing cannabis. Everybody has a different growing style and palette they like to work with — some people like fruity, sweet flowers and there are others of us that like to spill gas all over the place and just sit back and enjoy the smell of it. Having said that, cannabis has come a long way in the last few years, alleviating a wide variety of ailments and helping people get off debilitating pharmaceutical drugs. This is thanks in part to the cannabinoid CBD being thrown into the mix.

Is a CBD-mixed plant a part of your equation the summer? Again, there are so many questions every farmer has to answer. This is TC Johnny Apple Weed signing out.


  1. East Tn. Only 5 hours of direct sun. Hot and humid from June – sept. What a good hybrid that will grow like w Xmas tree or clone for bush , thanks

    • Jill,
      I would advise something with that is going to handle the elements – the heat will be your biggest fight in TX. I would look at something with Train Wreck in it that we have from the TGA lineup like Qtrain, Chernobyl, Timewreck or I have heard Blue Dream does very well outside as well as a Vanilla Kush the Mendo Dope guys have a cut of. Otherwise you could look into manipulating the plants time cycle to have an early harvest by doing some light deprivation to have the plants finish earlier in the season. Also if you have a couple pals that grow in your area ask them what worked well last summer. There are multiple grow forums like around these days also so so a little browsing to see what other people have has success with. I hope this give you a couple ideas
      Stay green…TC

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