Cannabis is like a mycelium network across the country

Because of Prohibition, cannabis networks developed mutual trust between growers and people outside the area. In the old days, everybody had a buddy who would come regularly. Usually it was an old family friend or relative. They would take a few things with them, bring back something when they returned. The relationship was special, strong. The better it worked, the stronger it got, much like a mycelial network.

Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus, consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae. Wikipedia

The strands of the network develop, strengthen, set spores and dissipate, leaving a flowering culture to blossom and bloom. Ten years ago, there was a massive pipeline between Northern California, Portland and places along the way. From Portland, the line branched North and East into points beyond. As domestic Oregon production came online, the hyphal attachment from the Emerald Triangle faded, having accomplished its goal of reproduction.

The hyphal strands of the cannabis network extended into every town and city in this country, at first from South of the border, then from North of the border. Slowly, domestic production ramped up as the spores from these initial mycelia grew, flowered and developed productive networks. Some become thick as woven steel cables, carrying weight that amounts to concentrated human hope and love.

What Energy Feeds the Cannabis Network Impacts the End Result

Soulful cannabis production is the engine that drives the beneficial hyphal networks, building on the good work of the farmer to provide income, awareness, presence and expansion of consciousness to the people. That said, hyphae can also grow deadly poisons and the network supports the flowering of whatever energy is put into it. This is why it is of utmost importance that we own the future of cannabis production for the good energy and small-farm/homestead support system that created so much good for so many people.

Unmasking the flower and allowing the trichomes to shine in unshorn glory.

Cannabis has always been about supporting the human family. The good energy the plants give off as they grow is undeniable to anyone who has ever grown a season. This good energy becomes different things for different places. For some it’s food, for some fiber. For many, and specifically for our culture, it is the medicinal, spiritual, psychic gift of consciousness expansion that ripples outward, the sum essence of the good energy instilled in it by the farmer. This good energy transmutes through the processing as the cannabis is handled with loving tenderness and care, unmasking the flower and allowing the trichomes to shine in unshorn glory.

Cannabis Genetic Gold Mine Holds Medical Promise

The most powerful potential lives in the individual. Cannabis has infinite branches in its genetic lineage because of the Darwin’s Finch effect. Unheralded possibilities for medical efficacy research have been created because a traveling culture collected landrace strains from all over the world but were unable to share them amidst Prohibition.

It’s so much more than just getting high. It’s about elevating the consciousness and being present in the moment. This gives understanding of the unique and infinite beauty present everywhere at all times. The simple miracle of Being is given glorious self-definition; focusing intently on goodness leaves little room for negativity. Perhaps it’s like Dumbo and the feather, but I think not.

We are a culture just beginning to grow into our potential as ambassadors to the world. We hold a vast, unexamined trove of genetic potential to heal and empower human beings to accomplish good. We hold the ability to reinvigorate a decimated rural landscape and a duty to share this work in support of rural communities everywhere. We are the keepers of the cultivation practices for one of the most productive, spiritual plants known to mankind. In a sense, our culture represents the priests/priestesses of a new/ancient order, preaching from the wilderness about the goodness of a plant.

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