Ganjier Spring Kickoff

The Ganjier Spring Kickoff on February 21, 2015 is going to jump start the outdoor season and get cultivators prepared with the seeds, tools and knowledge they’ll need in 2015. Seed companies, dispensaries, cultivation suppliers and the cannabis community are coming together to kickoff the season right at the Mateel in the Emerald Triangle!

Cannabis Workshops and Education for Farmers & Patients

The big word for the day is “education” and there’s plenty of that. Many of the Kickoff’s panels and workshops are geared toward helping farmers. From learning organic best practices to reading your soil report, there is plenty of crunchy content for beginning gardeners to experienced farmers (and we haven’t even announced the Q&As and Demos on the VIP stage …).

Plus Emerald Growers Association and a few of their partners will be in the Mateel all day to work one-on-one with farmers to get their water permit paperwork started.

While there’s plenty of cultivation education, the patients who come to the event won’t be bored. The founder of Medicann and Ganjier contributor Dr. Jean Talleyrand will share details about his clinical research project, and Taylor Blake from the Emerald Cup will moderate a panel on the bright future for women in cannabis.

We’re also trying out something new — THC Talks. Lovingly inspired by (but not directly related to) TED Talks, these 15-minute slices of inspiration will explore the different aspects of cannabis, from the funny to the beautiful to the profound.

Check out the full schedule here and keep a look out for the VIP stage schedule coming soon.

Booths Sold Out in Main and VIP/215 Tents

Farmer-Friendly Businesses and Collectives

The Main Tent features several top quality exhibitors who provide organic, sustainable solutions to farmers like Canncast, Nutrient Guru, and Cutting Edge Solutions. Medicann and the Law Offices of Kathleen Bryson will also be in the Main Tent.

In the House of Aficionado 215/VIP Area, more than a dozen collective and cooperative vendors will represent their brands and products. Head toward the back of the tent and you’ll see Wonderland Nursery is hosting the solventless concentrate tasting and dab lounge with help from 3rd Generation Family. There’s also a small VIP stage that will alternate between music and exclusive presentations all day.

Are You Ready for the 2015 Growing Season?

Check out the Ganjier Spring Kickoff for trusted farmer resources. Tickets available online and soon in local ticket venues.

Big thanks to our sponsors, without whom this event wouldn’t be happening!

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