moving cannabis forward
Moving heritage cannabis forward

You can tell when work was done with love. It shows up in the little things, the touches that add up to create a quality product. I must admit to not always doing things with love and intention. When I’m not mindful, I have a reputation for hack-jobbing things just well enough for them to last. I’m working hard to maintain a sense of presence and put loving intention into my work.

Enter the Present

It is difficult to remain present and focused. I have a strong tendency to work with my head already in the next task; this makes me impatient and unwilling to finish jobs out and provide proper follow through. I strive to learn to focus my energy on one task at a time so that the things I do demonstrate the sense of loving intention that I carry with me.

It’s like entering the Matrix; once you find a portal to the immediacy of the present, the world is never the same. There are many portals; for me cannabis, music, snowboarding, swimming in the river are all entry points to deep spiritual awareness. I try to keep this sense of awareness with me as I plant and tend the crops that will nourish my family, friends and community. Each step in the journey is an infinite opportunity for understanding of the value, necessity and beauty of every moment.

This is the ethic of love and hard work our culture carries in honest representation of the ideals that made this country great. Cannabis is one of many crops that grow well here in the mild climates of rural California; the love and energy that we put into everything we grow reflects outward in a ripple effective of good vibes. Our region is known for production of many fine things that people love to consume; cannabis has long been one of them and it is a great joy to celebrate it!

Heritage Cannabis Farms — Keep the Balance

There is a strong current of economic reward in the cannabis industry; stewardship is the anchor that has provided traditional grounding and backbone for the homestead culture of heritage cannabis farms. We must remember our roots with our newfound ability to network and share practices, knowledge and skill.

Heritage cannabis has always been about the love. When you do something you love, economic benefit tends to be a side-effect of a fulfilled human existence. Cannabis farmers have always loved the herb, and that love has resulted in economic support. We honor and fulfill our duty by maintaining the stewardship ethic and putting truthful good energy into each step of the process.

How Heritage California Cannabis Earns its Rep on Quality

Heritage California Cannabis is of highest quality; we safeguard and maintain our reputation by creating standards and following best management practices to uphold our integrity through each step of the process. We earn our rightful place as connoisseur producers by standing as ambassadors for our culture, sharing our knowledge and skill with the world.

We must create a cannabis future that remembers and holds true to the original values that built the rural homestead network on the North Coast and in other rural areas of California. We do this by standing together, participating and honoring our part as quality producers and participants in the loving truth of cannabis.

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