Photo by Jose Quezada.
Photo by Jose Quezada.

At 11 a.m. on a sunny Saturday in February is not when you might expect to see a standing-room-only water rights panel attended by cannabis farmers with pointed questions. But that is indeed what happened — more than 800 people came out to the 2015 Ganjier Spring Kickoff on February 21 at the Mateel Community Center in Humboldt’s Redway.

The Ganjier Spring Kickoff featured an all-day lineup of cannabis education on 2 stages including panels, demos and Q&As. The packed water rights panel lead by Hezekiah Allen from Emerald Grower’s Association was the start to a schedule that included more 15 hours of ganjiers of the industry sharing what they know best, with the last panel wrapping up around 9 p.m. See what the full schedule was here. (Videos available soon for Main Stage presentations.)

Education wasn’t the only thing happening at the Mateel that day. The Main Tent was home to farmer-friendly businesses like Nutrient Guru, Trim Scene Solutions and Forever Flowering Greenhouses plus a music stage with SoHum Girls and EZ Money performing in the afternoon. This spot was abuzz all day with activity.

Up top, the House of Aficionado VIP/215 Area was packed all day. Farmers were able to get the seeds they needed to kickoff their season from 8 seed vendors, including South Fork Seed Collective, Coastal Seeds, TGA Subcool Seeds, Ganja Rebel Seeds, Emerald Mountain Seeds, CSI Humboldt, Aficionado Seeds, and Loompa Farms. The 215 tent was more than just seed companies with others like Happy Day Farms, the Bud Sisters and more. 3rd Gen Family and Wonderland Nursery hosted the solventless concentrate tasting.

The VIP Stage was only available to VIP ticket holders and included demos from 707 Cannabis College, a discussion on curing from Rick Pfrommer of Harborside Health Center, and Q&As with hash experts Frenchy Cannoli of Aficionado Seeds and Brandon Parker of 3rd Gen Family and Dying Breed. All of these were packed.

What This Says About You

From the Ganjier crew, thank you to all of our sponsors, our vendors, and those who attended. There are those who say that cannabis farmers are just lazy stoners that pollute the land and don’t give a shit about their communities. But if that were true, this event couldn’t have worked. The panels on organic best practices, the future of small farming communities and water permitting were all packed. Many people stayed the whole day to catch as much as possible. Many more were taking notes during the presentations that mattered most to them.

That’s not a bunch of lazy stoners. That’s a bunch of ganjiers.


Photo gallery and videos available soon. Featured photo by Jose Quezada.

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