Outdoor sungrown cannabis field. Photo by TC Johnny Apple Weed.
Outdoor sungrown cannabis field. Photo by TC Johnny Apple Weed.

Whether you’re a cannabis consumer, grower, buyer or seller, you know different growing methods effect the price and value of cannabis. It’s quite sad to me that a majority of cannabis consumers and buyers are largely ignorant of the fact that outdoor ganja is as good and sometimes far superior to any indoor cannabis you will ever consume.

I myself used to be a die hard advocate of indoor cannabis. As a buyer and a smoker, I thought that indoor was God. Then I went to work on an outdoor cannabis farm for three years. I now can tell you that I absolutely refuse to smoke indoor unless it is offered in a social setting and I am being polite, or if I’m judging a cannabis competition that includes indoor strains.

There is nothing in the world like real high grade outdoor organic cannabis grown under the sun in Northern California. If you think about tomatoes, which would you prefer to eat? A homegrown tomato from my garden, grown organically under the sun? Or a hothouse tomato grown in a greenhouse? Which has more flavor? Which tastes more authentically like a Real Tomato? I think we all know the answer to this one folks. You want my homegrown garden tomatoes.

Apply this same logic to cannabis and you will come to the conclusion that maybe you should try some high grade Outdoor Cannabis. You just might like it. Actually you might love it.  In fact, you might never go back to indoor again.

Terroir is the set of special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place, interacting with plant genetics. Via Wikipedia.

For me, when I smoke Ins (industry lingo for indoor herb), all I taste is chemicals. People are failing to understand the concept that cannabis, like wine, is rooted in Terroire. Ask any true cannabis connoisseur and they will tell you it’s true. Outdoor ganja when done right kicks the ass of indoor up and down the I-5 corridor.

A ganja plant grown in the soil of a specific region, surrounded by other plants, steeped in moonlight and the subtle air currents of Nature and under the light of the actual Sun grows differently than a plant grown in a sterile environment under lights, with no insects or birds or worms or moonlight.  This kind of environment elicits a different end result that is consistent, but lacking in subtle unique ways that are essential to an exquisite end product.

What Indoor Growing Is and Isn’t Good For

Why does everyone think that indoor is the shit? When cannabis was highly illegal, it was extremely difficult to experiment with breeding outdoors when farming was done guerrilla style to hide from law enforcement. The weed nerds were forced indoors and that is where they started geeking out on genetics. A controlled indoor environment is the way to go when creating new strains. Once a strain has been created, however, it should be let loose in the real outdoor environment where phenotypes will be affected by Terroire creating amazing terpenes and complex ratios of all the different cannabinoids.

I believe that great cannabis can be achieved in any environment but that some are more conducive to giving the ganja that something extra that makes it special and stand out amongst the rest. I’m so tired of seeing people charge so much more money for indoor or refuse to pay above a certain price if it’s outdoor. Come on, peeps, there’s more to it than that. How does it smell? How does it taste? How does the high make you feel?

I have seen, smelled, tasted and smoked some of the best herb in the world. Ins, Outs, Deps, Greens. I can honestly say I would rather smoke outdoor organic cannabis than any other ganja on the planet.

That said, outdoor growers, if you want your product to be treated as equal to or greater than the other types of weed on the market, then start trimming that shit like it was Indoor. Consumers like a beautiful product. They wanna show off this killer herb to their friends.  When it looks all shaggy, it isn’t as impressive.  If outdoor growers trimmed their Outs like Ins, they would easily command higher prices and brisker sales for their product.

Moral of the Story: When buying cannabis the key question to ask is not “Is this outdoor or indoor?” The questions you should be asking are: Is this organic? How does it smell? How does it look? How does it taste? Did I enjoy the effects? These are the questions that matter.

At the end of the day, if it looks great, smells great, tastes great and got you high as f*ck, then shouldn’t you be stoked that it also cost you less money, had less of an environmental impact and used up less resources to produce? Yes! You should be stoked! So get out there and try some high grade outdoor organic cannabis from Northern California!


      • Bullshit. I’ve seen 4 lbs off indoor and outdoor plants. Plus the longer time takin to grow the plant the more mature( better quality) the bud therefore outdoor should be better quality as its taken longer to grow ( If dried and cured properly)

      • The best pot is old triangle strains old Hawaiin strains and it was all out doors and when you add global warming carbon foot print it’s a no brainer from Honneydew to Denny is was the shit haven’t even seen it for a long time.

    • Consequences of prohibition clamping down on the free flow of information.
      This article is incorrect on many points, the author simply hasn’t had truly clean, powerfully grown indoor cannabis before. Certainly not clean hydro.

      I had to write a book on it, there are no places on the net where I can send people. No places I can say “Here, these people will teach you how to grow truly clean cannabis.” It doesn’t exist online or in books, except mine, that I’m aware.

      Truly clean, indoor, hydroponic cannabis is a connoisseur’s delight. I would imagine less than 10% of the world has experienced it.

      Check out the free preview of my book, to give you an idea of where I’m coming from.

  1. Thank You, I have been a long time cannabis smoker, but I have no experience growing the herb,however I have had many a vegetable garden, and love growing things , and I just can’t afford the electricity bill of an indoor grow, let alone the equipment,as I live in Oregon and I can grow 4 plants, starting July First.Your Article has stoked my excitement, and I am really looking forward to my new experience with my first outdoor grow

  2. Neither pro or con for in or out, but this is a “pat yourself on the back for your own experience” style article
    in other words, extremely speculative and opinionated!
    ‘Dispelling the Myth’ would imply some sort of fact, personal truth is indeed personal fact, but not one that can dispel anything for others!

    Your hot house tomato argument is an interesting one. And the same accusation for grass-fed beef can be made in the same, that its better….until you have a kobe steak…all of a sudden the extraneous care that mother nature cannot provide, can truly compliment the qualities of the being not in mother natures care. It IS just an opinion though, please don’t present it as fact, in the same way that grass-fed vs kobe is an opinion

    • In a blind taste taste, 100% of users chose lower thc content.

      100% about flavor at this point. The buzz sucks from modern Indo so you gotta have something enjoyable: flavor

      • In a blind taste test, 100% of the testers would pick my indoor hydro… as the most flavorful, intensely powerful and aromatic “Organic” cannabis offered.

        Less than 1% of hydro growers actually get it right. Same is probably true for organic. I prefer my clean hydro. 😉

  3. sorry you lost me when you said all you tasted with indoor was chemicals, but you had to properly grow the outdoor for it to be good, if the last two weeks of the grow you switch to pure water, the chemicals you taste will be used up by the plant and you will not be able to tell the difference between indoor and outdoor, with indoor you get sensemila hard to get out doors especially as more people are growing

    • Yes “chemicals” is a meaningless catch all meant to cover “harsh” which happens in all production systems and my not even be the result of grow technique.

      Like Urea in your urine isn’t a “chemical” but Urea from a factory is. Retards

      • Great point you’ve made here bongstar420! A point this this “retard” has never considered concerning “chemicals.” Thanks for the Urea example, foremost, otherwise I myself would still be clueless as to this point from reading your first statement only..

      • Did you write thay recent anti-organic article I read, claiming all soil growers poop and pee in their plants? Nice one. Keep pushing that nasty bottled unflushed hydro 😉

  4. Here is the truth as I know it. Indoor really falls into two major categories. Soil and Soilless. I have grown with aeroponics, ebb n flow, coco and soil, HPS, fluorescent, and LED.

    Indoor hydro has the fastest veg time, but bloom time is about the same. My indoor hydro never taste chemically because I don’t go above 1500ppms and I flush the salts regularly. It is easy to get maximum yield off a plant when water, and air conditions are perfect 100% of the time. I would say my hydro is too smooth and taste is lighter then most. Some people love it for that reason. . I have started taking steps to alter my grow style towards my own taste.

    I am finding Indoor organic soil has many benefits. . It is easy, cheap and simple who doesn’t love that? Yield can be a little less because air and moisture around the roots is a little harder to control. The taste is more full bodied and I appreciate the earthy flavors added by the soil. I hand water everything so it is a bit more labor, but the plants benefit from me spending time with each one individually. I was mixing 10-15 different chemicals into my hydro every 10 days. Now it’s just plain water with the occasional SNS or Azamax to keep the bugs at bay.

    Veg – Hydro wins
    Bloom – Soil wins

    Since I find things good about both I need to try combinations of the two.

    I am going to experiment with a hybrid style; vegetative in aeroponics, bloom in soil. This will be difficult because I will have to transplant from net pots into soil. I will pre cut my pots to have large holes and using slightly larger diameter rocks.

    I also plan on doing a few hydro grows with organic teas instead of the synthetics to see how that goes. I might even try soaking a bag of super soil and using the super soil water in my ebb n flow buckets.

    I do not have much experience outdoors, but that is all going to change this season. I will be doing two grows to see which is the better outdoor method for growing monster trees. A trellised hoop house or a square cage built around 4 poles. I will be following the 2014 Subcool super soil recipe and using 200 gallon containers.

    (I am from Eastern Washington and currently looking for work in I-502

    • You should switch back to hydro and do a bit more research. My indoor DWC produces “more” intense flavors, than outdoor or soil produced, while still being ultra-smooth.

      I, personally, dislike having non-cannabis flavors interfere with the pure, complex, massive and utterly delicious flavors from pure hydro. I don’t like “earthy” because it’s non-cannabis. What makes a rich soil smell earthy? Various forms of fungi, period. Kill the fungi and the soil has no smell.

      Pure hydro is produced by a staggeringly small percentage of hydro growers.

      • I always wondered what people meant when they said ‘earthy’. To me it was wet sugary pea gravel taste. But i run across a lot of soil flavored bud nowadays..

        To me, hydro tastes like coco coir and air. Or corn flakes. Or Floralicious, Budcandy,SweetCitrus, etc. Lots of soil tasting bud, but I dont think thats a constant with soil grows, lol I blame it on hydroponic breeding! The soil is a buffer. No soil, the root acts as the buffer. Hydro bred clones grown in soil: tada, everything becomes ‘systemic’ as the kids like to say. The plant now smells like its medium, fish heads cow shit and all. I dont remember this problem in the 90s. Maybenit was, I know buds often picked up spice from nearby pepper plants. Too bad all growing science is put out by the chem factories

  5. As a med user, ‘high as fuck’ isn’t necessarily a good thing; especially if you’re working. For me, relief of symptoms is paramount.

  6. Having smoked more than 500 different strains from all over the world (in international competitions) and living close to the Netherlands and Spain, I can tell you, you are right. Nothing (really!) beats quality grown organic outdoor cannabis.
    There are ways to try and compete with that when growing indoors (using soil, amending with mycorrhizae and bacteria, no feeding or use of chemicals and using plasma light supplementation,…) but it still will not come close to superior quality outdoors.

    Good article, and I can vouch for it. When entering an outdoor strain in an indoor cannabis cup, it always wins. If trimmed and cured properly, people (even connoisseurs) will not even see the distinction between the outdoor and indoor cannabis.

    Indoor has been hyped too much over the last decades.

  7. Left out in the article is that outdoors, in general, puts you at the whims of Mother Nature as far as maturing the flowers. I think a LOT of outdoor weed gets pulled “early” due to weather. As we know that affects the ratios of cannaboids as well as the THC levels in general.

    Here in Oregon, we can now (as of July 1st) grow four plants. Mine are outdoors in the Willamette Valley near Eugene. Two of my four are at six feet tall on Aug 3. The others aren’t far behind. If they do much of a flowering stretch, they’ll be 7-8 feet tall. Yowsa! BUT, whether I can let them develop the buds to full maturity remains an unknown. A cool wet September would be disastrous. As would an early freeze. I’d have to pull early. So, that’s not to be overlooked in the discussion of indoor v. outdoor.

  8. indoor weed is good if flushed and grown in dirt. but it still wont get you that funny laughing high like outdoor weed does and your munchies are not as great.

    I believe the problem you have is with hydroponics. I hate this cheap fast method of grow. no matter what you do , you will always taste chemical. and have more of that zombie high. you will never get that laughing retarded fun as hell high from hydros.
    also with outdoor, paranoia just makes you sober again. indoor weed paranoia is full blown panic attacks and you cant snap out from the high. you just have to ride it out like drugs.

    to each their own though. I digress.

  9. Any hardcore tested THC levels? I do a strain I have grown for 30 yrs. I like the indoor better. Smell, taste and high. Indoors is 29.3 THC but I have never tested the outdoor.

  10. We test our outdoor every time and our Banana Kush tested at 23.5% THC and Blue Dream at 20.5% THC. Both smell great and smoke very well.
    We are So Cal Growers.

  11. I’m a devoted connoisseur of Maryjane now for the last 34 years. I have been in many,many outdoor gardens, and many more indoor grow ops.
    It is tedious and extremely a mindful process.
    With a good “season” and a knowledgable farmer, ideally outdoor is a excellent outcome. The same can be said for the indo/grow. Knowledge and hard work make for a “happy jack”, bringing many grows during the year.
    Either way each year the awards, and “cups” will always go to both indoor and outdoor grows!
    I say who the &&@ cares if it was in/out as long as it was grown with LOVE❤️
    In my experience.. There’s a whole lotta love going on in this field, and I’m so grateful????????✨✨✨



  12. I couldn’t agree more. I would add that indoor also is environmentally the wrong decision for our suffering planet. How many coal fired plants are running just to grow in(ferior)doors? A LOT.

  13. Well i think for the most part indoor folks and outdoor folks can agree to disagree its ridiculous really….but that just my opinion. I think variables should be taken into account technology has its advantages as well as its disadvantages….mother nature is great however you have advantages and disadvantages as well so it goes hand and hand. I would imagine organically grown cannabis grown indoors and outdoors flushed properly would yield amazing results. As i am an indoor grower i have grown outdoors and can say both are equally appealing when it comes to smell flavor density yield etc. I just love to grow and learn. This article is biased towards outdoor organic growers period. A non biased controlled grow could prove beneficial same strain same nutrients/amendments and bennies half grown indoors and half grown by an experienced grower than when dried and cured properly bust it out with the homies and burn down and discuss the outcome of the experience….sorry for the rambling its 4am and i work graveyard lol

  14. I live in a legal state and grow indoor,outdoor and greenhouse plants.
    Greenhouse plants in an organic and probiotic soil utilizing sub irrigation are far better and more productive with extreme terpenes than any method I have ever tried in over 40 years of growing. Make good soil and feed it plentry of microbes.

    • PREACH. Make a sign, start a national business, anything in your capabilities to spread the word.

      I live in AZ and the bud is so gross here I thought I was in purgatory, or was being pranked. Greenhouse light dep is the best you can get, and thats barely considering its far from the most expensive.

      To put it bluntly, the best weed anyone in the world has ever admitted to smoking was grown in a greenhouse, aa long as you dont tell them its not “indo hydro”, it never fails, norcal light dep grabs the highest price on retail level!

  15. Get lab tests comparing indoor vs outdoor. I expected a bit more science than just personal opinion. Outdoor cultivators can be as chemical heavy (if not more!) than indoor cultivators. Organic can happen inside.

  16. I have reasonable doubt that even the best-grown outdoor cannabis could not match or beat the best-grow indoor cannabis. In a proper indoor environment, you have control over everything; rain, time in the sun, temperature, fresh air, and it’s significantly easier to train your plants, whether it be high stress training such as topping or low stress training such as using a SCROG. the bottom line is that there is no way to have a perfect outdoor environment, you are at a higher risk of pests, chance of pollination in the wind, not to mention how you have almost no control over light exposure, light spectrum, temperature, humidity, soil content.. the list goes on and on, but that’s not to say well taken care of, properly harvested, properly dried, and properly cured outdoor plant product cannot be medical grade. It’s simply that growth factors are much easier to manipulate in a nice indoor setup

  17. Its not Indo itself that sucks, its narrow band lighting, bottled synthetic nutrients, ignorance, stubbornness and HYDROPONIC BREEDING. Indoor with plasma in living soil is MUCH closer to light dep than aeroponics..

    More or less, hydro gives indoor a bad rep to real heads, and a good rep to rap fans

  18. The quest for yields has lead to this… I bought a 1/2 oz and was shocked to taste the chemicals, there was no cannabis flavor at all… China bud.. looked amazing, trimmed well, tight…tasted like the guys first grow down the street with 6 different nute bottles..

    Outdoor, greenhouse specifically, outdoor conditions can be too much to control. Wind, pests, particulates.. I love the fact that consumer frowns on poorly manicured, outdoor buds…. Writer is correct: appearance is no indication of happiness.

    As a 30 year smoker, cultivator, purchaser; the beauty factor of bud and the trimming done is mainly time wasted and increases consumer costs.. Those tricomes are sensitive. the leaves provide some protection. Those ridiculous auto trimmers can ruin the greatest bud in the world..

  19. After 40 years growing in many different environments I can prove to anyone that outdoor is the best! However it takes a long history of growing to understand how to make this possible.. The only way I can stay ahead of all the many! Indoor growers and there very nice products is by creating a better one outside,, however this can lead to becoming to strong and customers cant handle it,, so they go back to a dumb down indoor version.. Imagine my dismay ???
    The most important thing one can do while wanting to become a grower is less of an environmental impact on your farm, By growing or supporting indoor grows is saying fuck you to the environment & everyone around because we don’t care how much our carbon foot print putts out…
    Keep weed real.. Keep weed outside…

    • They invented HEPA filters for outdoor fields? Wow, I must have missed the announcement… Oh, that’s right, they didn’t. Outdoor will never match the smoking quality of properly done indoor. Full spectrum lighting has been available for over a decade now. Hydroponics allows the precise control of nutrient balance and availability. Even the most carefully amended soil is a “sloppy” mix, compared to the precision of hydro.

      Any imbalance or excess drastically reduces quality. Learn it, or taste it when you burn it. 😉

  20. I personally think outdoor/soil bud is kinda shitty and plain. Not that it isn’t good and tasty but there’s just something about hydroponic that makes it that much better, it sucks because I live in Texas and before, most the good weed here was hydroponic due to secrecy but ever since it became legal in colorado you can tell it’s all soil grown on a large scale. In Colorado when you go to the dispensaries it’s the same shit all of their buds are soil grown. The best soil grown bud in the dispensary allegedly (platinum grade) did not smell anywhere close to how good a typical hydroponic bud smelled also I’ve noticed the soil grown loses its taste when you smoke with someone that torches the hell out of it, with hydro that shit retained it’s lovely taste. Also on a side note purple, blackberry, grape weeds taste like shit.

  21. Soil that has all the plants exudation in the soil,the micro/macro arthropods and fungal organism in the root zone that are supposed to be there is the ‘way’. You can ,of course alter that however you deem appropriate. I continue to trust in simple organic soil building and leave it at that.
    People have choices,though. And opinions. My observations after 4 decades …soil is where i grow and THC content is a tiny portion of the experience. You cannot get helicopters flying over your head while you run through the forest below,carrying a dozen sativa plants on your shoulders…just my opinion..oh…and a year in jail is good for you.

  22. Nope, 50 years of growing and no way mother earth can compete with highest quality indoors.
    The mechanics are simple.
    Take the cinex strain for example.
    The chemistry of producing 27% indoors versus 17% outdoors is easy to see. Yes, I had it tested.
    So, tell me forever how wonderful outdoor harsh weed is…..sure, you betcha.

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