sprouting cannabis plant
sprouting cannabis plant

At HappyDay Farms, we grow our plants almost entirely from seedstock. We save seed and trade with the many seed collectors in our community. We grow clones for genetics, back-crossing our flagship strains onto cuts of OG, Ogre and Headband. It has been a beautiful journey to see the coming together of the cultivation community to gather and distribute the new generation fuel strains, blending them with the Terroir and the adapted strains that were already present.

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I have more than 60 strains that I’d love to grow this year, but that is a story for another time. We’ve started more than 20 already and are looking forward to working with Samantha Miller at Pure Analytics to help us determine which plants of our many strains will be the most useful for the medical efficacy potentialities we seek.

Effects and Treatments We Breed For With Cannabis

We have a variety of breeding projects going as we seek to understand and provide treatment for familial struggles (myself included) with mood spectrum disorder and pain relief from a lifetime of manual labor. We are engaged in breeding for anticancer treatments, working to heighten the cascade effects by selecting for the highest combined cannabinoid totals. We seek the grail: a 20% CBD, 20% THC,  which we believe will hold a powerful cancer combative.

We joke that it would provide us 20/20 vision to manifest energetic potential.

Terroir is the set of special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place, interacting with plant genetics, express in agricultural products. Via Wikipedia.

It’s incredible to see myself and our culture awakening into our understanding of Terroir. We have unique and special circumstances on every one of the estimated 53,000 heritage cannabis farms in Northern California. The soils, plants, water, slopes, strains and sun create the potential for the farmer to steward and reveal the subtle influences that develop in the terpenoid/flavonoid profiles.

California Cannabis Farmers Need Reasonable Regulation, Not Patchwork

We are seeing farmers come into their own, developing their craft products into connoisseur representations of the qualities and values that have always been the backbone of cannabis culture. The sharing and commonality in humanity that is created by this magical plant is something we cherish and strive to honor.

Gone are the days of military force and grow bags hung in trees. Guerrilla patches are largely a thing of the past except on trespass grows that still flourish because of an inability by government to create a viable path to compliance for legitimate practitioners. Uneven enforcement haunts farmers; patchwork county regulations make it “keep it under 1000” in Humboldt and “keep it as close to 25 as you can with all the strains you want to grow” in Mendocino.

The absurdity of local jurisdictions being in charge of controlling an entire industry becomes a cruel farce that grows worse with each passing season. Communities are damaged by uneven enforcement, environmental degradation and threatened with economic collapse as the black market price continues to spiral downwards.

Greedy buyers have an economic and organizational advantage over farmers who are broke, scared and held in desperate separation under the boot-heel of Prohibitionary fear. Only in recent years have we evolved the ability to emphasize and focus in public on the good parts of cannabis culture.

When things are kept in the dark, they fester. Our culture strides into the light with a pouch of seeds that will flourish to provide spiritual guidance for our future just as our last harvest gives us Presence and Awareness of the steps we take in our journey. We seek functional regulatory policies that honor and enshrine the contribution of cannabis culture to Human Medical Efficacy Potential. We have a genetic trove of medicinal information that we have gathered and maintained at great human cost under duress.

Cannabis Culture has been held down by the Police State such that we haven’t had the communication channels to research the potentials. This plant has been used by humanity for medicine for as long as we’ve been humans. We do honor to it when we stand strong for our beliefs and manifest the loving positivity we receive from our sacrament.

We are Heritage Farmers — Let’s Market Our Small Farms Together

Cannabis culture is deepening, the ferment growing mellow and smooth like fine wine. As with grapes, so with cannabis. We could all grow OG and the subtle differences given to the flavor, scent and effect by the soils, water, sun and the essence of different farmers would be genuine and enjoyable. Further, because we DON’T all just grow OG, there become myriad possibilities to be presented in a cogent “Heritage Cannabis Culture” model.

The Emerald Grown Marketing Coop is our answer as a culture to the question of “How do we sustain and support the small farms that have grown up in California under Prohibition?” As a friend said the other day, coops are the answer to Corporations. Divided we fall, united we stand, under the banner of a marketing cooperative that will represent the qualities of Heritage Cannabis Culture.

Fight for a Fair Playing Field Or You Won’t Get One

In coming together to demonstrate ourselves as legitimate business people in a thriving industry, we strive to create a playing field that honors the legacy of Prohibition. It is of utmost importance that Heritage Cannabis Farms not be swept aside by new operators. There must be regulatory policies under the Department of Agriculture that honor a “permit-before-compliance” framework that will allow farms to participate in the legal market so long as they have completed and are following a “compliance plan”.

We need tiered licensing so that small farms don’t face onerous fees, and we seek the establishment of Cannabis Cultivation Zones, similar to American Viticulture Regions, so that each heritage region can claim its unique status while preventing large, new operations not located in those regions from using their name.

We are thankful to be members of our Trade Association, Emerald Growers Association, because we are represented in Sacramento where the real decisions regarding cannabis will be made. We are secure in the knowledge that we have Hezekiah Allen speaking for us as Heritage Farmer-Members of the EGA.


  1. I too have enjoyed growing something different and crossing different strains.currently we have 5 G red that is super purple and beautiful. no one wants to buy something unusual and I would love to join a group that specialized in that area of the marijuana culture.

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