Frog on tomatos
Frog on tomatos

At Happy Day Farms, we have identified some pairings that work well with cannabis, some that do not. Beans tend to die from spider mites, which are naturally occurring in most climates. Squash and melons succumb to powdery mildew and so are also not good pairings for cannabis.

We have great success with all manner of greens, from kales, collards and chois to lettuces, mustards, arugulas etc. Any leafy greens that grow quickly can be worked into your cannabis rotations. We do our spring prep and then plant everything with greens except for small spaces where we will plant the cannabis plants.  We harvest greens closest to cannabis first, expanding outward and making maximal use of space.

As we make the transition into late summer, we’ve moved away from the traditional mocha bat guano (and all guanos because of harvest methods and unsustainable practices). We row-crop, with cannabis plants on 15-20 ft spacings, which means that there are gaps in between the plants, which we crop with greens in the spring.

When the spring greens come out, we prep in between the plants and re-plant with summer hot crops like peppers. We find that the cannabis plants maintain a deep, vigorous green as their roots continue out into freshly-prepped soil. Avoiding compaction around your plants is crucial because your roots want to travel out with as little resistance as possible. The roots of cannabis plants are capable of travelling a very long way given the opportunity.


  1. (*intertwine) I just want to know if I grow my mangos with the weed if it will mix and will the mangos get ppl high. No time for lawsuits

  2. I just bought gorilla glue seeds, thinking of crossing em with tomatoe plants, I guess getting high on manga is the same idea

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