The Triple Bottom Line of a Cannabis Farm in Mendocino, California.
The Triple Bottom Line of a Cannabis Farm in Mendocino, California.

The HappyDay Farms business model is governed and driven by a paradigm that focuses on social change. We struggled to fit ourselves into the “for-profit” model before realizing that it wasn’t appropriate and that we had to devise a new way of looking at ourselves. We have a triple-bottom-line agenda that holds of equal weight: our stewardship of the environment, the community, and our economic interactions.

Cannabis is the crop that enables our organization to focus extra efforts on education and outreach in the community. We are better able to partner with and support elder farmers as we grow our business model because cannabis serves as a liquid capital generator. There is a vast requirement of human time and effort required to grow a connoisseur cannabis crop; this translates into wages that amount to the ability of humans to harvest solar dollars through their efforts stewarding the land.

There are no losers in a triple-bottom line ethic. We build win-win outcomes of better food security, more stable community and healthier environments with our work.

Our Local Biochar Partner

It has been a pleasure to partner with North Coast Biochar out of Laytonville in Mendocino County (California). They are involved in forest restoration programs that remove excess vegetation and support healthy forests. They convert the biomass into ultra-high-quality biochar, which we’re helping to distribute to farmers. Building awareness in the community about the values of biochar is the type of work that we are able to support through our efforts with the Emerald Growers Association and the Emerald Grown Coop.

We’ve come so far in the last five years in terms of cultural awareness; it is my plea that we form partnerships to work together to continue building this awareness. We can all do better to steward the environment, build our communities and support our local economies. One step at a time we move towards our shared goals.


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