Source: Max Wahrhaftig {{GFDL}}
Source: Max Wahrhaftig {{GFDL}}

When shopping for a greenhouse you have many options — price should not be the only factor you consider. Look for product reviews and check details like the thickness of the frame and the type of framing (rolled steel, tubular or square). Make sure the greenhouse can handle the wind and snow conditions in your area, too.

Keep in mind that greenhouses can start out basic and be upgraded over time. If you can’t afford roll-up walls now, add them next season. You might need to keep your screw gun handy because you can always reattach the cover to the ground when it gets chilly—it might be a bit more work, but in the long run making do will save you a few bucks.

The problem with buying your greenhouse from a big box dealer is that the catalogs may show a nice picture of an ideal greenhouse but you might not actually be getting everything that’s in the picture—you might get the frame and cover but not the doors or the roll-up walls. Or if you do get the roll-up walls you’ll have to get the polycarb roof separately.

Your greenhouse should not be the cheapest thing on your list. Keep in mind that most greenhouse companies sell parts for you to do it yourself. Covers, locking hardware and other miscellaneous parts might be all you need to create a growing area that suits your needs. A greenhouse is your number one weapon in your own personal war against everything that might cause harm to your precious plants — make sure you buy it from somebody who cares about your passion for gardening!


Photo Source: Max Wahrhaftig {{GFDL}

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