Terpestival July 23 2015
Terpestival July 23 2015

The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy is proud to announce its first public education event, “The Original Terpestival,” on Thursday, July 23, 2015. The festival will celebrate the whole cannabis entourage of compounds at SODO in Seattle.

Terpestival will highlight the role of the terpenoids with education and a competition. CASP is honored to host, for the first time in Seattle, pediatric neurologist Dr. Ethan Russo as our primary speaker. A lover of botanical medicine, Dr. Russo is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on cannabinoid medicine. In 2011, he published the seminal article “Taming THC:  Potential Cannabis Synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid effects.” His talk will focus on the contribution of the terpenoids to botanical medicine and cannabis, specifically. He will discuss the health effects of vaporization vs. smoking and vaporization of concentrates.

Along with Dr. Russo,  CASP’s Terpestival launch party and fundraiser will be accepting entries of flower and solventless extract for a terpene exhibition and competitionFlower and concentrates will be analyzed for 40 specific terpenes and awards will be given for Most Terpenes, Greatest Quantity of Terpenes, Highest Limonene, Highest Pinene, Highest Myrcene and Judges’ Preference All-Around.

For analysis, samples of flower or concentrate must be dropped off at Phytalab (please call in advance), who is sponsoring the event. COD payment of $100 is required for entries, a portion of which will be donated to CASP.  For a flower entry, please supply 10 grams, if possible, for judge’s choice and for concentrates,  supply 3 grams.  For I-502 participants, a two gram sample, as defined by WAC 314.55.083-4 is acceptable.


Finally we are hosting a panel discussion “Market significance of Terpenes: Past, Present and Future,” moderated by Dr. Dominic Corva and featuring Kevin Jodrey of the Ganjier, Jeff Church of Thinc Pure, and Michelle Sexton, CASP Executive Medical Research Director and Chief Science Officer at Phytalab. Learn the science from Dr. Russo and with this panel, understand how marketing beyond THC is good for the industry as well as for the producer’s “bottom line.”

You can also participate as a judge or as a sponsor of the event. By participating in the Terpestival, you are supporting research of the Legal Cannabis Landscapes. For further descriptions of the research that CASP is providing, see the analyses we have worked on.

To purchase VIP or general admission tickets, or enroll as a judge, please visit our Eventbrite page. Gates open at 5:30 p.m. for VIPs, 7 p.m. for general admission.

Our proud sponsors are Phytalab, Dockside, Eden Labs, Northwest Leaf, Washington Bud Company, Ganjier, and Terpinator. For more information, email Wendy Maguire

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