Photo by Ganja D. d berry x ww cannabis starts.
Photo by Ganja D. d berry x ww cannabis starts.

Compliance Workshop and BBQ, Sunday June 14 from 12-5pm in Ferndale, Calif.

As we stand on the threshold of the future for the Emerald Triangle’s small farmers, the key to manifesting a prosperous and sustainable future is preparation. We currently face the difficult road of engaging with regulatory and permitting bodies in order to show we are in compliance. Fortunately, our region has top-notch compliance professionals in land use permitting, including water permitting, fish and wildlife permitting, timberland conversions, site development, mycorestoration, and much more who are excited to help us down this path. With their education and guidance, we can find our way to “Great Success!”

Bring your family and friends to an informative BBQ in the sun where we will look at the big picture of existing regulations to create a Compliance Road Map for your farm. Once we have this checklist of individual issues and concerns, consultants will be on site to help you develop your plan. All from Nate’s back porch.

The most informative and influential moments in life can happen when a community comes together for a day of fun and real conversation. Most often, in our neck of the woods, on a porch.

RSVP to the event for directions to the venue in Ferndale, California or email for more information.

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