Hang drying cannabis Humboldt style. Photo by Emily Hobelmann.
Hang drying cannabis Humboldt style. Photo by Emily Hobelmann.

To cure cannabis, the balance of moisture must be assessed — Too wet is just as bad as too dry. Early in the season, we at HappyDays Farm don’t take any leaves off when we harvest because the big water leaves will provide extra moisture to slow the process, which is crucial because it’s generally hot out during curing for our early strains.

When the rains come, we will remove more water leaf to avoid bringing excess moisture into the drying room and to balance out the fact that curing takes longer because there is natural humidity in the outside air. Mendocino County alternates between so-dry-chips-won’t-go-stale during the summer and so-wet-cannabis-won’t-dry during the fall, so it takes knowledge and a hands-on approach to create connoisseur quality product.

Too wet is mold; too dry is hay.  Right in the middle is slow-stem-snap-stinky-squishy-gooey-pungent-thunder-bucket-face-punch. The Crontonomo Bay. Ghengis Cron. Beware the Crunklepotomus.

A Note on Hand-Trimming

Trimming is of equal importance because it is the final step in the equation that demonstrates the love that was put into the medicine. A poor trim job shows the medicine was unloved, while a neat and careful trim demonstrates an understanding of craft and the energy behind this powerful plant. Machines are incapable of showing love, and therefore should not touch medicine.

This article is part of a larger piece Cannabis Farmers’ Good Practices Stimulate Communities, Improve Land.


  1. Great article, I’ve been toying with leaving the leaves on when drying and this helped make up my mind. I watched video where the grower left the fan leaves on for two days then removed them then left the remainder of leaves on until final manicure. Is this a good idea? I live in central California, it’s strange weather throughout the year, sometimes 100 degrees in December.

    • I’ve thought about going through later but decided it was more work and that they cushion better. The exception is when you bring something in wet, then I may big leaf outside. If there are spots of powder we will also big leaf to keep spores from entering the drying room.

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