How to track a bill in California
How to track a bill in California

To easily track proposed bills and legislation, go to California Legislative Information and use the “Quick Search” to locate the bill by keyword or by number (there are also links below to 2 important ones). Find the bill you want, view it and click the link where you can “Track Bill.” (See red arrows below)

How to track a bill in California
How to track a bill in California


You’ll need to register, but it only requires your name and email (other fields are optional). Then you can select what kind of alerts you want. Check all the boxes and you will be notified of every step of the process via email. If you don’t want to sort through all that, checking “Amended,” “Enrolled and Governor’s Response” and “Final Results” should keep you up to date.

The legislature is on break, making it a good time to get caught up on what’s happening in Sacramento. Cannabis industry folks should keep an eye on AB 266 as it continues to move through committees — this bill intends to regulate the medical cannabis industry in the state in a meaningful way. AB 243 is another one to track (Emerald Growers Association summarizes AB 243 well), and check out Assemblymember Jim Wood who brought in a live cannabis plant to a committee meeting to discuss the bill, which was moved forward on a unanimous vote from that committee.

Cannabis consultant Thomas Edrington (and also this author’s husband) routinely suggests to clients that they keep track of pertinent legislation as it changes and moves through the process. “The cannabis industry isn’t used to having to deal with intricacies of the legislative process. The process of getting a bill from proposal to law has steps along the way that can radically alter it,” Edrington said. “The ideas that may have rallied someone to the piece of legislation in the first place could quietly be changed, and if you’re not watching closely you may end up giving your support to something that works against your interests and ethics. It’s why I tell my clients that they need to know what the bill says ‘today.'”


  1. I hadn’t though of it by press time, but it’s also often the case that something that has been keeping you from supporting a bill has finally been fixed, and with a new examination of your position is needed.

  2. The link for the emerald growers association’s interpretation does not work. I would like to see their interpretation. I thought they were about protecting the small farmer but from the interpretations i have read on ab266 it does not sound like the small farmer is protected at all, yet the it has the emerald growers support.

    • I fixed the AB 243 link. Sorry about that! What in particular is your criticism of AB 266? EGA’s site says this as of today on 266: “EGA’s “oppose unless amended” position on AB266 is meant to focus attention on other vehicles (AB26/34) that are more likely to produce a bill we can support. This bill is based on SB1262 from the 2013-2014 legislative session, with the same sponsors. SB1262 was flawed until the end and AB266 is worse. “

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