The bronzed Golden Tarp Award for the top scoring strain amongst the 25-person judge panel. Photo by Jose Quezada.
Golden Tarp co-founder Kevin Jodrey holding the bronzed Golden Tarp Award, given to the grower of the top scoring strain amongst the 25-person judge panel. Photo by Jose Quezada.

Humboldt’s Light Deprivation Cannabis Competition, the 2nd annual Golden Tarp Award goes down on Saturday, Sept. 12, and there’s only one week left to enter light dep flowers. Can your flower make the top 4 in its flavor category? Could your harvest have you taking home the Golden Tarp Award trophy (having it’s finishing touches added as this is published)?

If you think your strain is good enough to be a favorite amongst the randomly-selected community judges and our crew of hand-selected judges, then here is how you enter:

    1. Take 2 oz of each flower entry to one of three drop-off locations.
      • Wonderland Nursery, 78 Bear Canyon Rd, Garberville (behind Renner’s Station), 707-923-2175
      • Healing Harvest Farms, 54895 HWY 101, Laytonville, 707-984-9174
      • THCA, 601 I St., Arcata, 707-822-9330
      • Interested in a SoCal Drop-Off site? Let us know in the comments!
    2. Fill out the entry form and pay the entry fee. Entry Fee: $215 for the first entry, which includes lab testing from Pure Analytics, 1 Deluxe ticket, 1 T-shirt. Each additional entry is $170 and includes lab results.
    3. No Contaminants: Entries will be immediately disqualified if the lab test shows the presence of pesticides, chemical growth regulators, fungal growth, and/or pathogens. Disqualified entries will be available for pickup by the entrant after the event.
  • DEADLINE TO ENTER: August 27, 2015

The 4 Flavor Categories

Cultivators can enter each strain into one category, whichever they think best suits that strain’s flavor profile.

  1. Floral — examples: Blue Dream, Green Crack, Bubba’s Gift
  2. Fuel — examples: OG, Chem Dog
  3. Earth — examples: Bubba, Pure Kush, Hindu Kush
  4. Fruity — examples: Agent Orange, Mendo Purp

Read the full rules and how judging works at

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2nd annual Golden Tarp Award Sept 12 2015
2nd annual Golden Tarp Award Sept 12 2015

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