Cannabis grown in a greenhouse using light deprivation
Cannabis grown in a greenhouse using light deprivation

UPDATE Sept 11., 2015: Woah. Over 100 total entries into this year’s competition. About half have been disqualified due to mold, but only 2 have come back with pesticides. Thanks for keeping it clean, farmers! Kevin Jodrey speculates that particulate matter from the forest fire smoke greatly influenced the amount of mold we found this year.

UPDATE August 28, 2015: Pure Analytics just let us know they can process a few more entries in time for the competition, so if you missed the first deadline, get yours in this week! Deadline to enter has been extended to Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015. Drop off at Wonderland Nursery in Garberville.

Original Post:

You can’t have a light deprivation cannabis competition without the farmers putting their ounces on the line to be tested and vetted, and we are so grateful for all who entered by the Aug. 27 deadline! This year we are excited to announce that we had 75 strains entered into the 2nd annual Golden Tarp Award competition, with several farmers entering more than one. In our inaugural year, we had about 35 entries total so it’s more than twice last year’s turnout. Thank you to all the light dep farmers for being proud of their crop and entering a part of their harvest into the competition.

Now, the first vetting process can begin for all the entries. Our official lab and Gold sponsor Pure Analytics will test every strain for pesticides, fungi, and mold, as well as potency and terpene profile. Each strain was entered into a flavor category (farmer’s choice for each strain) — Fuel, Fruity, Floral and Earth.

All entries that show the presence of pesticides, fungi or mold will be disqualified and available for pickup after the event by the farmer. From the entries that test clean, the 4 in each category that have the highest total cannabinoids will move on to be judged the day of the 2nd annual Golden Tarp Award, Saturday, Sept. 12.

Our judge’s pool is a mix of folks that we pick along with several who are randomly selected from the crowd. You can find out more about how our light dep judging works.

Big ups to all our 2015 Golden Tarp sponsors for making this event possible!

Golden Tarp Award poster
Golden Tarp Award poster



  1. Hello there, I have some real beautiful organic light dep and I’m praying I’m not to late to enter it. I can drive down to Redway today. Can’t find a contact phone number. Goddess Bless

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