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In the first of a new series for The Ganjier, Digital Ganjier Tips, we wanted to talk about a significant change to Google’s algorithm and how it decides which websites rank higher in the search results. Their change in April 2015 now favors responsive, mobile-friendly websites over those that are not. Why this matters significantly to the cannabis industry is that most of the existing cannabis related websites were not built with responsiveness in mind but the new entrepreneurs coming into industry typically launch mobile-friendly from day 1.

responsive-website-designAt a time where competition skyrocketing as more mainstream entrepreneurs enter the industry, it is incredibly important that the cannabusinesses that helped grow and shape the industry are keeping up with these sort of changes. The alternative is having newcomers steal your potential clientele because their search results were higher than yours.

SC Labs logoA great example of a cannabis-based business that has a beautifully responsive, mobile friendly site is SC Labs, a leading California Cannabis testing lab. Their design aesthetic is modern, timely and functionally; it is focused on its core service offerings as well as respecting the latest SEO requirements. When considering the early competition with numerous labs when they first launched, they made smart decisions business-wise and technology wise. Currently, they are one of the few labs in California with an API available to developers.

NORML_LogoAn example of a website that is NOT responsive or mobile-friendly is NORML. Although a significant force in the movement, a huge repository of helpful information and services…it’s lack of an updated website layout means that search engines will begin to rank it’s content and site lower in comparison to newer entities, all other things equal. Even the big guys are affected by this change.

To conclude this quick tip, it’s hard enough to compete and keep up with all the different marketing needs you have. Make sure all that effort you are putting in is reaching its FULL potential. Everything counts. 


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  1. With Google now using a “mobile-first” indexing (using mobile sites to determine the ranking of desktop Google searches), it’s more important than ever to have a strong mobile presence (and a site that plays nice with mobile phones.

    Good stuff!

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