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Many of you made the choice to launch your farm or business out of the hope for financial gain or a love of the crop (or more likely a combination of the two). The business community, consumers and government are gradually accepting the legitimacy of our booming business sector. As we move forward, more of the same opportunities that have been available for other sectors are now becoming available for ours.

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At Cover Cannabis, we have been writing insurance policies for operations since 2007, and for many years, the only policy that was available was general liability coverage. General liability is known to only cover “slips, trips, and falls.” With that as the only option, growers, producers and retailers were limited to how much they could protect their business. Without the additional types of coverage that are available today, owners were grossly limited to endure the “ups and downs” of ownership the same way other industries could.

It is no secret that California trails behind the decisions of Washington and Colorado. What this means for California is that we will soon see many of the same laws. While we might cringe at the thought of any additional regulations, it is necessary for the medical/recreational movement and the progress of the industry. At Cover Cannabis, we would like the opportunity to begin developing a relationship with you now, before you are scrambling to establish insurance after short-notice laws are implemented.

Working with us is very different than any insurance experience you’ve had before. As a brokerage we are not limited to one insurance carrier, our agents are more like “concierges” rather than the typical, fast-talking sales agent. We understand the challenges you face that are unique to the industry. Our specialized staff will take the time to discover your unique needs and will craft a program that offers you adequate protection at the most competitive rates available.

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