The Golden Tarp Award plaques are given to each of the top 16 finalists who were the top 4 in their category.
The Golden Tarp Award plaques are given to each of the top 16 finalists who were the top 4 in their category.

10/9/15 update

Download the spreadsheet to see the terpene profiles and cannabinoid totals, plus mold and pesticide/fungicide results, for each strain entered. Golden Tarp Award 2015 test results from Pure Analytics in Santa Rosa, Calif.

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The 2nd annual Golden Tarp Award on Saturday, Sept. 12, was Humboldt’s celebration of light deprivation and clean cannabis. With more than 100 entries, the competition was tight. All entries were tested by Pure Analytics in Santa Rosa, and we were surprised by the number of disqualifications this year.

The drought’s low rainfall and high humidity, combined with the particulate matter in the smoke from California’s forest fires, lead to about half of our entries being disqualified for mold. Last year, we only had a handful of disqualifications for mold and none for pesticides/fungicides. This year, there were several beautiful flowers that we were sad to see not make the cut due to mold.

Pure Analytics shared how they tested strains for mold and fungus: “A positive mold result means that Pure Analytics Chief Scientist observed actively growing mold or fungus in the sample under a microscope and identified it. There is no chance of false positives. It’s a tough year for mold.” We know the Pure Analytics crew put in a great deal of time and effort to determine the potency and terpene profile for each entry, as well as checking for mold, fungicides and pesticides. Thank you for all your hard work to ensure our judges were reviewing clean samples!

Golden Tarp Award 2015 Entry Breakdown from Pure Analytics

  • 105 samples
  • 52 passed
  • 52 positive for mold
  • 2 positive for fungicide
  • 7 samples containing THCV
  • 420 individual analyses performed
  • 190 analytical hours

Winning Strain: Diesel Berry from Jonathan Gilbert of Emerald Family Farms


  • Spyrock Sour — Aficionado Seeds
  • Silly Strawberry — Sunboldt farmer Sunshine Johnston
  • Shark Shocked — Abuela Gardens
  • Sour Tangerine-Mendo — Emerald Essence


  • Churckle — Little Hill Cultivators
  • Blue Dream — Catalyist Unlimited
  • Sweet Tooth x Mazari — Gail Smith
  • Diesel Berry — Jonathan Gilbert of Emerald Family Farms


  • Sour Diesel — B&B Farms
  • Sour Diesel — Catalyist Unlimited
  • Platinum OG — Stewarts of Gang
  • Lemon Larry — Stewarts of Gang


  • Skywalker OG — Stewarts of Gang
  • Terravida OG 78 — Terravida
  • Sour OG — Woody Walker SFV
  • White Yeti — Emerald Family Farms

Highest THC entered: Sour Diesel — B&B Farms

Highest CBD entered: Terravida OG 78 — Terravida

Highest CBG entered: Girl Scout Cookie — 8 Mile of True Humboldt

Highest THCV entered (2 tied at 0.6):

  • Doc’s OG Humboldt — Emerald Essence
  • Doc’s OG Mendo –Emerald Essence


  1. looks like only sours and Ogs make the cut because they have the highest THC percentages. This is a really cool event and there was awesome local turn out, maybe you guys should consider changing the rules of the contest so that the winners arent just all the same kind of flavors. Thanks for putting this event on, cant wait till next year!

  2. Man I had a great time, so busy I could hardly leave our booth. Bless everyone involved from Kev and Allison to the volunteers who brought more chairs and cleaned up continuously – very professional. Big Ups Golden Tarp
    Alan & LeAnn Adkisson

  3. I didn’t enter this year, but there is something noteworthy that I’ve discovered about testing: the micro-test tests for “aerobic bacteria,” – if you use compost tea, you’re intentionally creating billions of beneficial, aerobic microorganism sand bacteria (as we all know)… So even though one might grow organically, they’ll fail the test… I did, and I only use the very best of everything. That’s a huge caveat for sharing with dispensaries. Which means patients are getting a plethora of chemically grown medicine…

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