2015 Emerald Cup judges Ngaio Bealum and Casey O'Neill
2015 Emerald Cup judges Ngaio Bealum and Casey O'Neill

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The flower judges for the 2015 Emerald Cup settled in for a long evening, and once again wrapped up sooner than expected. As they compared notes, several entries rose to the top and a couple of judges had personal favorites that they asked others to reconsider.

Each judge brought their own list of top 20 entries, and those were distilled into a rough top 20 for the group. These top 20 were then re-examined by all the judges and they made short work of it — tasting and comparing joints, seeing how the entry had aged since its first tasting. As Nick Smilgys scored the entries from judge’s revised rankings, one strain rose to the top with a landslide of points between it and the next one down. After looking at the numbers, the judges agreed the rankings were fair and thus the 2015 winner was found.

Test results are still coming in for some of the entries. A number of them have been disqualified for mold and/or pesticides already, and it’s unclear how many will in total be disqualified since pretesting is a new policy for the Emerald Cup. Winners for the concentrate categories were determined at a meeting yesterday, and winners for all categories will be announced at the award ceremony on Sunday.

The Ganjier is a Bronze sponsor of the Emerald Cup, and we’ll be in the Hall of Flowers sharing space with Wonderland Nursery. Hope to see you there!


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