Formerly known as Emerald Growers Association, the new name California Growers Association is meant to be more inclusive of the state cannabis industry.
Formerly known as Emerald Growers Association, the new name California Growers Association is meant to be more inclusive of the state cannabis industry.

These last few days I have been reflecting on the progress we made in 2015…

What an amazing year! And, we are just getting started. We have an even bigger year planned in 2016. We continue to be actively engaged in the state legislature, with regulatory agencies, and we are empowering partnerships between communities and local governments around the state.

I am writing today to request your support so we can continue to be effective. 

California has long been a leader in cannabis. Since the 1960’s, California has found cannabis magic despite reefer madness.

For generations we have perfected our craft, improving genetics and growing methods. Even during the most intense eras of prohibition through the 1980’s, cannabis flowered in California.

Hard work and vision made California a pioneer in 1990’s when our state was the first in the nation to legalize medical cannabis, starting a wave of political reform that is still strong today.

Now, as we look forward to the 21st century the excitement and opportunity is tangible. California has passed regulation for commercial activity and several initiatives propose to legalize adult use.

The “billion-dollar marketplace” is now a focus of the investment community. California’s tech community is entering cannabis with all of its usual disruptive innovation.

At the California Growers Association, we are bringing all of those elements—time honored heritage, hard work and vision, innovation and investment—together to shape the policies that will empowers us to build the dynamic cannabis industry that will continue to lead.

As a membership organization our leadership team works to synthesize hundreds of diverse perspectives. We build bridges and break down stigma. We focus energy and resources as one unified voice in Sacramento. We work together to develop a strategy that represents our collective priorities.

If you want the best information about cannabis policy in California, membership with Cal Growers is the first step. Empowered with good information we will continue working together to influence important decisions that will shape the future. In 2015 our membership successfully advanced several policy priorities. And, we did it by working together. Our membership actively participated in change through weekly calls, direct advocacy, and thousands of letters signed, phone calls made, and emails sent. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your support throughout 2015!

Cal Growers offers a high value opportunity for all business operating in or interested in California’s cannabis industry. Whether you want to network with California’s cannabis leaders and increase your brand exposure or you are looking for customized reports and government relations, partnering with us is a great way to be on the frontline of this historic opportunity. Find out more about being a CGA strategic partner.

PS. Stay tuned for an update about our policy summit coming up on January 2 and 3 in Sacramento. The event will be held in downtown Sacramento. There are several hotels in the downtown area that have rooms available. The program will run from 1 pm on January 2 until 5 PM on January 3. 

Please RSVP here if you plan on attending!

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