The Fortuna City Council voted to ban cannabis commercial activity on January 19, 2016.
The Fortuna City Council voted to ban cannabis commercial activity on January 19, 2016. Photo by Allison Edrington.

Update 1/25/2016 from the California City & County Ban Watch page:

URGENT BAN WATCH UPDATE: There has been an enormous increase in cities and counties that have enacted or introduced a ban on either personal cultivation, commercial cultivation, processing, manufacturing, testing, dispensing, delivering, and even consumption in some instances, since our last post. We now believe that 43% of the entire state has seen a ban or is awaiting one. Please let us know if you see anything that is not current or that may be incorrect. That breaks down is as follows:

Counties 11 Banned 19%

Counties 9 Pending 16%

Cities 138 Banned 29%

Cities 75 Pending 16%

  1. Alameda Banned
  2. Alameda County Banned
  3. Alpine County Ban Introduced
  4. Amador County Watch List
  5. American Canyon Banned
  6. Antioch Banned
  7. Arroyo Grande Banned
  8. Artesia Banned
  9. Atascadero Banned
  10. Atwater Banned
  11. Avalon Banned
  12. Baldwin Park Ban Introduced
  13. Barstow Ban Introduced
  14. Bellflower Banned
  15. Belvedere Banned
  16. Benicia Banned
  17. Beverly Hills Ban Introduced
  18. Big Bear Lake Banned
  19. Biggs Ban Introduced
  20. Bishop Ban Introduced
  21. Blythe Banned
  22. Blythe Banned
  23. Brawley Banned
  24. Brea Banned
  25. Brentwood Banned
  26. Buena Park Banned
  27. Burbank Banned
  28. Butte County Ban Introduced
  29. Calabasas Ban Introduced
  30. Calexico Banned
  31. Calimesa Banned
  32. Calistoga Banned
  33. Camarillo Banned
  34. Canyon Lake Banned
  35. Carmel Banned
  36. Carpinteria Ban Introduced
  37. Ceres Banned
  38. Chino Banned
  39. Clearlake Banned
  40. Colusa County Ban Introduced
  41. Contra Costa County Ban Introduced
  42. Corona Banned
  43. Coronado Banned
  44. Corte Madera Ban Introduced
  45. Cresent City Banned
  46. Dana Point Banned
  47. Danville Banned
  48. Davis Banned
  49. Del Mar Banned
  50. Delano Ban Introduced
  51. Dixon Banned
  52. Downey Ban Introduced
  53. Dublin Banned
  54. El Cajon Banned
  55. El Centro Banned
  56. El Cerrito Banned
  57. Encinitas Ban Introduced
  58. Escondido Banned
  59. Eureka Banned
  60. Fairfax Ban Introduced
  61. Fairfield Ban Introduced
  62. Fillmore Banned
  63. Firebaugh Ban Introduced
  64. Folsom Ban Introduced
  65. Fontana Ban Introduced
  66. Fortuna Banned
  67. Fountain Valley Banned
  68. Fowler Ban Introduced
  69. Fremont Banned
  70. Garden Grove Banned
  71. Gilroy Ban Introduced
  72. Glendale Ban Introduced
  73. Glendora Banned
  74. Goleta Banned
  75. Gonzales Ban Introduced
  76. Grass Valley Ban Introduced
  77. Grover Beach Banned
  78. Guadelupe Banned
  79. Gustine Ban Introduced
  80. Hawaiin Gardens Ban Introduced
  81. Hawthorne Ban Introduced
  82. Hemet Banned
  83. Hollister Ban Introduced
  84. Hughson Ban Introduced
  85. Huntington Beach Banned
  86. Imperial Banned
  87. Indian Wells Banned
  88. Indio Banned
  89. Irvine Banned
  90. Jurupa Valley Banned
  91. Kern County Banned
  92. Kings County Ban Introduced
  93. La Canada Flintridge Banned
  94. La Habra Ban Introduced
  95. La Habra Heights Ban Introduced
  96. La Mesa Banned
  97. La Mirada Ban Introduced
  98. La Palma Ban Introduced
  99. La Quinta Banned
  100. La Verne Banned
  101. Lafayette Ban Introduced
  102. Lafayette Ban Introduced
  103. Laguna Beach Banned
  104. Laguna Woods Banned
  105. Lakewood Banned
  106. Lathrop Banned
  107. Lemon Grove Ban Introduced
  108. Lemoore Banned
  109. Livermore Banned
  110. Lodi Banned
  111. Lompac Banned
  112. Los Alamitos Ban Introduced
  113. Los Banos Banned
  114. Los Gatos Ban Introduced
  115. Manhattan Beach Banned
  116. Manteca Banned
  117. Marina Ban Introduced
  118. Marysville Ban Introduced
  119. Menifee Banned
  120. Menlo Park Ban Introduced
  121. Merced Banned
  122. Merced County Banned
  123. Mill Valley Urgency Ban Introduced
  124. Modesto Banned
  125. Monrovia Ban Introduced
  126. Monte Sereno Ban Introduced
  127. Monterey Banned
  128. Monterey Park Ban Introduced
  129. Moorpark Banned
  130. Morgan Hill Banned
  131. Morgan Hill Banned
  132. Morro Bay Banned
  133. Murrietta Banned
  134. National City Banned
  135. National City Banned
  136. Nevada City Ban Introduced
  137. Nevada County Banned
  138. Newman Ban Introduced
  139. Newport Beach Banned
  140. Norco Banned
  141. Norwalk Banned
  142. Oakdale Ban Introduced
  143. Oakley Banned
  144. Oceanside Banned
  145. Orange County Banned
  146. Orinda Ban Introduced
  147. Orinda Ban Introduced
  148. Orland Banned
  149. Oroville Banned
  150. Oxnard Ban Introduced
  151. Pacific Grove Ban Introduced
  152. Palm Desert Banned
  153. Palos Verde Estates Ban Introduced
  154. Paradise Banned
  155. Pasadena Banned
  156. Paso Robles Banned
  157. Patterson Ban Introduced
  158. Petaluma Banned
  159. Pico Rivera Ban Introduced
  160. Piedmont Banned
  161. Pismo Beach Banned
  162. Pismo Beach Ban Introduced
  163. Placerville Ban Introduced
  164. Pleasanton Banned
  165. Plumas County Ban Introduced
  166. Port Hueneme Banned
  167. Portola Ban Introduced
  168. Rancho Cordova Banned
  169. Red Bluff Banned
  170. Redlands Ban Introduced
  171. Redwood City Ban Introduced
  172. Richmond Ban Introduced
  173. Ridgecrest Banned
  174. Rio Vista Ban Introduced
  175. Ripon Banned
  176. Riverbank Ban Introduced
  177. Riverside Banned
  178. Rosemead Ban Introduced
  179. San Anselmo Banned
  180. San Clemente Banned
  181. San Jacinto Banned
  182. San Juan Bautista Ban Introduced
  183. San Juan Capistrano Ban Introduced
  184. San Luis Obispo County Banned
  185. San Marcos Banned
  186. San Pablo Ban Introduced
  187. San Rafael Ban Introduced
  188. San Ramon Ban Introduced
  189. Sand City Banned
  190. Santa Ana Banned
  191. Santa Barbara Banned
  192. Santa Barbara County Banned
  193. Santa Clara County Banned
  194. Santa Fe Springs Ban Introduced
  195. Santa Maria Banned
  196. Santa Paula Banned
  197. Santee Banned
  198. Scott’s Valley Banned
  199. Seal Beach Ban Introduced
  200. Seaside Ban Introduced
  201. Shasta County Ban Introduced
  202. Sierra Madre Ban Introduced
  203. Signal Hill Banned
  204. Simi Valley Banned
  205. Siskiyou County Banned, Referendum Pending
  206. Solano Beach Banned
  207. Solano County Banned
  208. Solvang Banned
  209. Sonoma Banned
  210. St. Helena Banned
  211. Stanislaus County Ban Introduced
  212. Suison Banned
  213. Susanville Banned
  214. Sutter Creek Banned
  215. Temple City Ban Introduced
  216. Thousand Oaks Banned
  217. Truckee Ban Introduced
  218. Turlock Banned
  219. Tustin Banned
  220. Twenty Nine Palms Banned
  221. Vacaville Banned
  222. Ventura Banned
  223. Ventura County Banned
  224. Villa Park Banned
  225. Vista Banned
  226. Walnut Creek Banned
  227. West Covina Ban Introduced
  228. Whittier Ban Introduced
  229. Yorba Linda Banned
  230. Yountville Banned
  231. Yreka Ban Introduced
  232. Yucaipa Banned
  233. Yucca Valley Banned

Update 1/20/2016 from Ellen Komp of NORML in the comments: Not all of these are confirmed; some are only on their first reading or are commercial-only bans. In any case, they’re now being called “temporary” and meaningful regulation is being called for, even by the groups that were pushing them. More info here.

Original Ganjier post 1/19/2016:

Fortuna‬ and many other cities in ‪‎California have opted to ban cannabis cultivation and production for fear of losing local control of the ‪‎cannabis industry to the state. Even with AB 21‬ in the works to remove the March 1 deadline “typo” that was in the Medical Marijuana Regulation Safety Act. Some like Fortuna’s council want to reopen the discussion once more information is available and the public provides input. New language in AB 21 might ‪ban the bans‬ and it’s currently unclear if it would be retroactive. Check out the Ban Watch group to keep up on who’s banning.

But not all ban intents are the same. The Fortuna City Council members expressed interest in exploring commercial opportunities that are appropriate for their community, but the California League of Cities is still advising cities to move forward with bans to ensure local control. The dynamic on every council and board is different, so a little research and respect goes a long way.

Siskiyou County’s community has opted to fight the ban with 2 referendums.

In the Ban Watch group, Jacqueline McGowan of Monterey County NORML posted on Jan. 18, 2016 this comprehensive list of counties and cities with help from Ellen Komp of NORML to collect together what bans are moving forward. I’m reprinting it here but check the group and your local councils’ agendas for updated information on upcoming bans!

BAN UPDATE: We now have 163 cities and counties that have either enacted a ban, or have introduced a ban since the passage of MMRSA. 100 cities and counties have banned in some form, and 63 are pending. Please let me know if you see a city or county missing from this list. We need this as current as possible for the “Joint Hearing Business And Professions And Agriculture And Health” meeting at the Capitol tomorrow. A big thank you to Ellen from Cali Norml for assisting with this massive project.

  1. Alameda County Banned
  2. Amador County Ban Introduced
  3. American Canyon Banned
  4. Angels Camp Ban Introduced
  5. Antioch Banned
  6. Arroyo Grande Banned
  7. Artesia Banned
  8. Atwater Banned
  9. Avalon Banned
  10. Barstow Ban Introduced
  11. Big Bear Lake Banned
  12. Bishop Ban Introduced
  13. Blythe Banned
  14. Brea Banned
  15. Brentwood Banned
  16. Burbank Ban Introduced
  17. Butte County Ban Introduced
  18. Calexico Ban Introduced
  19. Calimesa Banned
  20. Calistoga Banned
  21. Camarillo Banned
  22. Carmel Banned
  23. Chino Banned
  24. Clearlake Banned
  25. Contra Costa County Ban Introduced
  26. Corona Ban Introduced
  27. Coronado Banned
  28. Cresent City Ban Introduced
  29. Dana Point Banned
  30. Danville Banned
  31. Davis Banned
  32. Dixon Banned
  33. Escondido Banned
  34. Eureka Ban Introduced
  35. Fairfax Ban Introduced
  36. Fairfield Ban Introduced
  37. Fillmore Banned
  38. Firebaugh Ban Introduced
  39. Fontana Ban Introduced
  40. Fortuna Ban Approved
  41. Fountain Valley Banned
  42. Fowler Ban Introduced
  43. Fremont Banned
  44. Gilroy Ban Introduced
  45. Glendale Ban Introduced
  46. Goleta Banned
  47. Gonzales Ban Introduced
  48. Grass Valley Ban Introduced
  49. Grover Beach Banned
  50. Guadelupe Banned
  51. Gustine Ban Introduced
  52. Hollister Ban Introduced
  53. Huntington Beach Banned
  54. Indian Wells Banned
  55. Indio Ban Introduced
  56. Irvine Banned
  57. Jurupa Valley Banned
  58. Kern County Banned
  59. Kings County Ban Introduced
  60. La Canada Flintridge Banned
  61. La Mirada Ban Introduced
  62. La Quinta Banned
  63. Lafayette Ban Introduced
  64. Laguna Beach Banned
  65. Laguna Woods Banned
  66. Lakewood Banned
  67. Lathrop Banned
  68. Lemon Grove Ban Introduced
  69. Lemoore Ban Introduced
  70. Livermore Banned
  71. Lodi Banned
  72. Lompac Banned
  73. Los Banos Banned
  74. Manhattan Beach Banned
  75. Manteca Banned
  76. Marysville Ban Introduced
  77. Menlo Park Ban Introduced
  78. Merced Banned
  79. Merced County Banned
  80. Modesto Banned
  81. Moorpark Ban Introduced
  82. Morgan Hill Banned
  83. Morro Bay Banned
  84. Murrietta Ban Introduced
  85. National City Banned
  86. Nevada City Ban Introduced
  87. Nevada County Banned
  88. Newport Beach Banned
  89. Oakley Ban Introduced
  90. Oceanside Banned
  91. Orange Banned
  92. Orinda Ban Introduced
  93. Orland Banned
  94. Oroville Banned
  95. Oxnard Ban Introduced
  96. Pacific Grove Ban Introduced
  97. Palm Desert Banned
  98. Paradise Ban Introduced
  99. Pasadena Banned
  100. Paso Robles Banned
  101. Patterson Ban Introduced
  102. Petaluma Banned
  103. Pico Rivera Ban Introduced
  104. Piedmont Banned
  105. Pismo Beach Banned
  106. Placerville Ban Introduced
  107. Plumas County Ban Introduced
  108. Plumas County Ban Introduced
  109. Port Hueneme Banned
  110. Portola Ban Introduced
  111. Rancho Cordova Banned
  112. Red Bluff Banned
  113. Redlands Banned
  114. Redwood City Ban Introduced
  115. Richmond Ban Introduced
  116. Ridgecrest Banned
  117. Ripon Banned
  118. San Clemente Ban Introduced
  119. San Jacinto Banned
  120. San Juan Capistrano Banned
  121. San Marcos Banned
  122. San Rafael Ban Introduced
  123. Sand City Banned
  124. Santa Ana Banned
  125. Santa Barbara Banned
  126. Santa Barbara County Ban Introduced
  127. Santa Fe Springs Ban Introduced
  128. Santa Maria Banned
  129. Santa Rosa Ban Introduced
  130. Santee Banned
  131. Scott’s Valley Banned
  132. Seal Beach Ban Introduced
  133. Seaside Ban Introduced
  134. Shasta County Ban Introduced
  135. Signal Hill Banned
  136. Simi Valley Banned
  137. Siskiyou County Banned, Referendum Pending
  138. Solano Beach Banned
  139. Solano County Banned
  140. Solvang Banned
  141. St Helena Banned
  142. St. Helena Banned
  143. Stanislaus County Banned
  144. Suison Banned
  145. Susanville Banned
  146. Temecula Ban Introduced
  147. Thousand Oaks Banned
  148. Truckee Ban Introduced
  149. Tuolomne County Ban Introduced
  150. Turlock Banned
  151. Tustin Banned
  152. Twentynine Palms Banned
  153. Vacaville Ban Introduced
  154. Vallejo Ban Introduced
  155. Ventura Banned
  156. Ventura County Ban Introduced
  157. Villa Park Banned
  158. Whittier Ban Introduced
  159. Yorba Linda Banned
  160. Yountville Banned
  161. Yreka Ban Introduced
  162. Yucaipa Banned
  163. Yucca Valley Banned


  1. How disgraceful to every medical cannabis patient in their realm. It is time for big changes in leadership. Elected representatives have a duty to defy ignorance and outdated government propaganda. And most importantly, ensure safe access of medical cannabis to all patients, as guaranteed by Prop 215 since 1996.

  2. What is the subject in these cities in pushing a ban. I am trying to understand the State legislation, and make a connection on what these cities are banning it for. Is there any deeper information on what cities are banning.

    • The short version is that when California legislators moved forward with several bills last year, collectively called Medical Marijuana Safety and Regulation Act (MMRSA), it had a March 1 deadline for cities and counties to introduce regulation in their regions. If they didn’t enact by then, MMRSA originally read that the state would then take over regulating cannabis and not allow local municipalities to do so. The California League of Cities recommended all cities and counties enact bans as “placeholder” regulation so the state wouldn’t be the default regulator. The March 1 deadline has since been called a “typo” and there is clean up language in the form of AB 21 that will remove the March 1 deadline and may also ban the bans.

    • I believe deception is the subject matter.

      It’s been called a typo, a technicality, an unintended mistake. No, it’s prohibition.

      I’ve noticed that ‘windfall’ prohibitions are frequent and deliberate. “League of Cities” is against cannabis cultivation. Therefore cry “The sky is falling” just to be on the safe side. Once a restriction gets exagerated and enlarged, getting it repealed makes our struggle harder.

  3. What do these 3 posts dated 1/30/16 have to do with the truth? Absolutely nothing.

    Actions speak clearly, liars are snakes.

    MMRSA is prohibition at the next higher level………ban, ban,and more bans. Mass bans rapid fired from counties and cities is a prohibition tool.

    How many idiots campaigning as MMJ advocates supported MMRSA? Mistake? BS. Every one of you read the info and decided to sell us innocent people down the river.

    The small-scale growers who hate BIG marijuana now hate each of you. Mistake?



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