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With the rise of social marketing in the Cannabis space, we see a lot of bad habits. Most of these habits are from thinking about your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram channel as an online classified space or magazine. This completely misses the point of why social marketing is different…and so powerful when done well.

Image sourced from Genertwo via Tumblr
Image sourced from Genertwo via Tumblr


The two main considerations are using engaging photos and authenticity. This can cover a lot and help you stay focused on what matters the most to your customers online. Let’s discuss the easier of the two first; engaging photos.

We live in a world where people skim through their activity feeds and news sites quickly in order to process what’s available and what’s interesting enough to click and read about. We are now all trained to skim and process loads and loads of content and information. The easiest way to do this is to go against the advice “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” and to use a good photo to stop you in your tracks. Don’t feel bad about it, there is just too much information out there that you end up only reading the things that matter to you most. And cannabis marketing benefits from that need because of the bought in nature of your customers, and the increased interest in all things cannabis.

So keeping this in mind, how your present your product is of utmost importance. You can’t just get by on a big, vague photo of a 6 foot plant from 20 feet away. Ask yourself, how many times have you seen this exact picture from someone else’s camera? Does it look like it was shot by a store bought disposable camera, or is there something sexy about it. If you want someone to stop and read about your product, then know what is interesting and what is generic. 

The second thing to consider is authenticity. When you have their attention, try not to lose it. What does that mean? You know your product is good but everyone says their product is good. You can’t be ‘fire’ if everyone else around you is ‘fire’ too. How is the average customer supposed to know? Try to think about what makes you different, why you care and why you think your product should be considered in the first place. If you believe in your product, this should be easy to convey.

We all know that there is lots of good quality cannabis product around now a days. What it comes down to in the end, is the approach you take and the quality of your service.


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Are you about organic practices? Let us know about it and why.

Are you proud of your brand’s social outreach component or environmentally sound practices? Let us know why we should care too.

Tell us how your product or service supports your beliefs and why your customers choose you over someone else.

Ultimately, in the end you have to think about what you are saying and how you are saying it. Are you that guy on the Vegas strip, flicking photos of scantily clad women and pressing it into someone’s hands? Or are you the sommelier who highlights the bottle’s flavors, pedigree and drinkability?

Just because you are doing this online, doesn’t mean it isn’t your opportunity to form a relationship. Each opportunity that you get to make someone believe in your product or service should be valued and spent time on. Both in terms of what you use to capture their attention and what you say to keep it. It’s the difference between a casual glance or a life-long devotee.

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