Dr. John Abrams, founder of Abrams Bioconsulting, spoke at the recent 2016 Emerald Conference in January where he used test data from the Golden Tarp 2015 to support The Dosing Project, who’s aim is to capture information from a large number of patients and determine how they respond to specific doses of cannabis products for medical conditions, such as chronic pain and disordered sleep.

We have based our initial terpenoid chemotyping analysis on profiles from a set of contestant submitted flower samples at a recent Cannabis cup competition. The 2015 Golden Tarp Awards (GTA) were unique in requiring that contestants identify which of 4 aroma categories: “Earth”, “Floral”, “Fruity”, or “Fuel” their flower product belonged to. We carried out multivariate analysis techniques on the terpenoid content data matrix, and examined how well clusters corresponded to the aroma categories. Through that work, we identified 3 of the 4 categories which were well correlated with specific terpenoid content. These included the “Earth”, “Floral” , and “Fuel” categories. Principal Component Analysis showed alpha-pinene, myrcene, and beta-caryophyllene were principal loading factors. In the ANOVA in Figure 3 below, we see that each of the three terpenoids provide good model significance (all show p<<0.05) for classifying aroma category.

The Dosing Project is a Clinical Study designed to evaluate trends in Cannabis efficacy.  According to their website, their “…initial approach is observational, not prescriptive. We do not assign subjects (informants) to pre-defined treatment groups. The closest example in terms of a “traditional” FDA- approved clinical trial might be a Phase IV post-approval study with emphasis on surveillance. We record what subjects voluntarily reveal about cannabis efficacy. We anticipate that trends will emerge from this analytical approach. Thus, the Dosing Project serves as the foundation for our next CESC project; to design fully compliant, IND-enabled, prescriptive clinical trials.”

During his talk, he also discusses and provides support for the categorization of cannabis products by their terpenoids, specifically “…defining product quality attributes with the Floral – Fuel Axis”. Dr. Abrams determined that the Fuel and Floral aroma categories are well defined by three terpenes; alpha-pinene, R-Limonene, beta-Caryophyllene.

For a copy of the slides Dr. Abrams presented at the Emerald Conference session, entitled “Cannabis: Chemotyping, Clinical Correlates, & Antibodies” download the PDF here.

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