Dookie Brothers win 2016 The Golden Tarp Awards
Dookie Brothers win 2016 The Golden Tarp Awards. Photo by Jose Quezada

golden-tarp-awards-2016-by-ganjier-media-logoUPDATED: We have attached the spreadsheet with all entries and their lab results below. Click the image to download the results. This year’s Golden Tarp Awards competition featured some of the best Light Dep cannabis we’ve seen yet. The community came out with guns blazing: nearly all entrants were branded farms ready to embrace for-profit medical cannabis and the potential for recreational cannabis in California.

If the results are representative of what’s coming, the big winners will be the patients and consumers of California. All winners are displayed with results on The Golden Tarp 2016 Winner’s page, along with available contact information.

The Golden Tarp Award

dookie-bros-zkittlezThe top prize of The Golden Tarp Award, went to producers Dookie Brothers out of Humboldt County for their Zkittlez strain. Their Zkittlez entry’s taste and smell from a dry hit was incredible. The sweet, candy-like flavoring and the uplifting, relaxed effects made this strain the judges top selection. Using a combination organic products and a secret blend of HumTea (compost tea), they grew this winner organically in soil, heat eradicated, no chemical use whatsoever and lots of love. They also provide consulting services for those interested.

We are thankful for this competition because it’s opening peoples minds and setting the bar for quality. We are also thankful to Kevin (Jodrey) because he’s a pioneer and leading the way to educating people on clean, quality cannabis cultivation. Thank you to all who voted for us! – Dookie Brothers

The Ganjier Award

Daniel Montero, Green Walrus Delivery, wins The Ganjier Award at The 2016 Golden Tarp AwardsThe Ganjier Award is given to experts that have pushed forward a particular field of the Cannabis Industry through hard-earned experience. This year, it went to Daniel Montero of Green Walrus Delivery, a cultivator in his own right. Even after a near-fatal work-related incident that left him with a gunshot wound, he was back at it within weeks and even drove four hours by himself to receive the award in person. A testament to the grit and resolve that earned him his well-deserved award.

The Golden Shocka Award

William Pedro, Wonderland Nursery, wins The Shocka Award at The 2016 Golden Tarp AwardsA new award was also introduced called The Golden Shocka Award. This was created for the unsung heroes that don’t always get outright recognition for their industry contributions. These are people who do not crave the spotlight but still contribute immensely to the success of their organizations. The very first winner exemplifies the award and will set the tone for all future recipients: William Pedro of Wonderland Nursery. The Nursery’s success could not have reached such heights without him and his work ethic.

Happy Judges

This year’s judges were delighted by what they were given to critique and the race for top prize was neck and neck. With 160+ entries, there were less than 5% that were disqualified at the testing level, down dramatically from the fire-caused contamination last year. One judge remarked:

The opportunity to be a judge at the Golden Tarp was a phenomenal experience – where everyone received and shared their cannabis education on the science of what makes great cannabis and the attention to detail each farm placed on the steps to produce the final award winning product. It wasn’t the typical event where the most potent or attractive cannabis won – it was the overall rating system that helped us identify which one we considered to be an outstanding product.  Although all 16 cannabis products were uniquely remarkable – I was able to narrow down to the top 3 (in my eyes) which I found to be supreme and obviously Skittlez (819) stood out as one of those top 3. – MK, 2016 GTA Judge

Gold Country Cannabis, Emerald Family Farms member, wins Highest THC at The 2016 Golden Tarp AwardsHighest THC & CBD Awards

The prizes for Highest THC and Highest CBD were both won by Emerald Family Farms members.  Gold Country Cannabis won Highest THC for their Purple Crack, which tested at 24.50% (27.00% Total Cannabinoids & Terpenes).  Highest CBD Award went to Spire Ridge Farms for their Ringo’s Gift, tested at 15.80% Total CBD (18.90% Total Cannabinoids).

Top 16

The Top 4 of each of the four categories are also displayed on the 2016 Winners page but special note goes to Emerald Family Farms for their 5 wins out of the total 16. Also notable were Tar Hill Genetics, winner of the 2014 Golden Tarp Award, who was a close second and received a special mention by Kevin Jodrey during the Awards. The other winners include Royal Budline, Humboldt Redwood Healing, Ninja Grower D, Eden Farms, Little Hill Cultivators, Island Mountain Organics and Trinity Sacred Rootz. Check out their winning strains and lab results here.

We would like to thank all our vendors, sponsors and speakers of this year’s event. Your success is all of ours and we are honored and appreciative of our community and their overall contribution to Cannabis.

If any attendee wishes to contact any of the vendors, sponsors or speakers directly or at their organizations, you can find all their contact information on The Golden Tarp website.


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